Worked Out Hard? Recover with These Methods

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Whether you’re resting up after last weekend’s New York City Marathon or need a little TLC post-FHIX, recovery is an essential (and often neglected) part of any fitness regimen. Luckily for you, there are a variety of restorative techniques that will get you ready for another set of burpees in no time. From our favorite acupuncture spot to an upscale ice bath, keep reading to learn more about our go-to recovery methods around the city.

Premier 57


This mega-spa in Midtown is home to a multitude of luxury treatments that promise to leave you feeling relaxed and restored. Premier 57’s diverse offerings include relaxation lounges, a meditation room, hydrotherapy pools, and customized massage treatments. The spa also boasts a variety of saunas including a gold sauna designed to promote mental clarity, a Loess Soil sauna room aimed at improving circulation, a skin-saving Far Infrared sauna, and a chromo therapy room rooted in traditional Chinese and Indian medicine.


If soaking in a tub is more your speed, you will not leave disappointed. Premier 57 has single sex water lounges designed to remove impurities and promote relaxation. Heated baths are particularly beneficial for reducing exercise-induced muscle soreness, while the spa’s cold plunge baths can help tighten skin and aid in lymphatic drainage. In addition to therapeutic baths, there is a poolside aqua bar where guests can continue to unwind with a premium cocktail, beer, or glass of wine.


Interested in trying out Premier 57 for yourself? Use code “RECOVERY” for 33% off admission until 11/24/17 to get your spa FHIX. Offer must be redeemed before 3/31/18.

8 Point Wellness


Curious about all the buzz surrounding acupuncture? 8 Point Wellness introduces clients to the ancient healing method in a polished, boutique space in the heart of the Flatiron district. The practice is headed by Dr. Molly Forsyth, a licensed acupuncturist (and frequent FHIXer!) who has expertise in a variety of specialties including athletes, women’s wellness and fertility, and autoimmune disorders. If the thought of getting poked and prodded makes you squirm, don’t worry; the needles used are extremely fine and only inserted after a thorough intake interview is conducted in order to make sure that the treatments cater to your specific needs.



Have you ever seen an athlete hop into an ice bath after a grueling game? With the help of new cryotherapy treatment centers like Kryo X, you can test out the benefits of sub-freezing temperatures with expert supervision. Guests spend just 2-3 minutes in the private cryo-chambers, which dip to temperatures as low as -240 degrees. Reported benefits include renewed energy, increased range of motion, and detoxification. If you’re not ready to take the full body plunge, you can also try localized treatments for smaller areas or opt for a cryotherapy facial to tighten pores and reduce inflammation.

The next time you feel like foam-rolling isn’t cutting it, consider testing out one of these recovery methods to feel FHIX-ready fast.

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Spring has sprung and we have three studios in full swing! With no signs of things slowing down, check out just ten of our past month’s FHIT highlights.

1. We’re open on the Upper West Side! Our third location, at 88th and Columbus, is shaking up the neighborhood and we couldn’t be more excited. After a weekend of sold-out sneak-peek classes, we officially opened our doors on Monday, March 20. So far – SO GOOD! We will begin offering 6AM classes on Tuesdays and Fridays starting this week, and our new schedule will continue to expand in the coming weeks.

2. Try this sweet potato pad thai recipe from Well + Good. The sweet potatoes and peanut butter are satiating and warm (not to mention delicious), and the edamame and veggies add the spring punch we’ve been missing.

3. This goop article addresses the reality of cancer, and how to try to ward off an unwanted diagnosis. Nutritionist Adam Cunliffe advises on 5 cancer-fighting foods plus what foods to avoid.

4. Wondering where your favorite trainers train? Answer: here. We are happy to be included in Well + Good’s round up of the NYC fitness studios tough enough for top trainers.

5. Four years after opening Fhitting Room, we’re thrilled to share news of the arrival of the first baby to join our FHITfamily. One of our original FHITpros, Daury Dross, and his wife Nelissa welcomed a beautiful baby boy to their family (and ours). A huge congrats to the whole Dross family! We can’t wait to have Daury back! His first class back will be 8:30am Wednesday, April 5th at our Penthouse location.

6. A study conducted by the Mayo Clinic suggests HIT may reverse the signs of aging. Yes. You heard correctly. Read more here – then sign up for your FHIX!

7. FHITpro Lacee Lazoff created a total body workout for Harper’s Bazaar. Watch the video and give it a go yourself!

8. Wellness in the Schools is paving a healthier highway for more than 50,000 public school students. See how the non-profit turns schools into a place that teaches not only math, science and literature, but also wellness.

9. A home gym used to mean a treadmill in the corner of your bedroom or living room. Today, residential buildings are acknowledging tenant’s desires for wellness and including out-of-this-world health amenities.

10. In case you missed it, we have been rolling out our trainer biopics. Watch the videos here to get to know a little more about all your favorite FHITpros. We release a new video every Friday morning at 11am.

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Take a look at ten of our favorite health and wellness moments of September 2016.


1. Everyone knows that post-workout protein is necessary for building a FHIT body, but what should you eat when you HIT it so hard that your muscles are not only stronger, but also oh-so-sore? The Cheat Sheet recommends these 6 foods that can soothe sore muscles.

2. New Yorkers will never (ever ever) break their coffee habit, but we have seen a big spike in popularity for matcha, the antioxidant-packed green tea. You’ll find the best matcha NYC has to offer on this list including lattes, cappuccinos and cookies!

3. Want to find your Zen while watching your favorite football team play? Now you can purchase a $1000 yoga mat made of the same leather as NFL footballs.

4. As much as we all love a good ol’ bag of chips or box of gluten-free crackers, we know they aren’t the healthiest snack option, nor will they keep us feeling alert throughout the workday. Chalkboard Magazine worked with a nutritionist to round up the 7 best healthy snacks for work.

5. Searching for the perfect protein powder? Follow this infographic for some guidance on which option will work best for you.

6. Dining out can often mean eating meals that are calorically dense but lacking in nutrition. Some chefs are fighting these standards and using their kitchens to serve up not only some of the tastiest, but also some of the healthiest dishes in restaurants.

7. New York City developers have taken note of just how much people are willing to spend on wellness. Read on to see which luxury residential buildings provide the most out-of-this-world health and wellness amenities.

8. Eat. Sleep. Get FHIT. Repeat. It’s easy to fall into the go-hard-or-go-home mindset, but recovery and renewal are just as important for living your FHITtest life. Read these ultra-athletes stories of staying motivated and avoiding burnout.

9. Check out the best ways to treat your body – inside and out – after a tough workout.

10. Apple released the latest version of the Apple Watch, and fitness is one of the gadget’s main focuses.

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August was jam-packed with FHITspiration. From watching the world’s best athletes compete in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio to our very own FHITpros shutting down the streets of New York City with Nike, to HITting it at Southampton Sweat, we’ve gathered our ten favorite FHIT moments of the month.

1. The writers over at The Guardian layed out the highs and lows of Team USA’s performance in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. From Simone Biles’ signature move to Katie Ledecky’s 11+ second lead in the 800-meter freestyle and of course, Michael Phelps securing his 23rd Olympic gold medal, there is a lot of FHITspiration to take in.

2. Wondering how Olympic athletes train? Many of them HIT it, just like us! Next time you’re ready to quit with just thirty seconds left in a FHIX, remember you’re going for gold just like an Olympian!

3. Even in times of an oversaturated athleisure market, not everyone conforms to the classic Lululemon leggings and matching sweat-wicking performance top, and we like that! Fashion blogger Leandra Medine, aka: The Man Repeller, wrote up this cheeky column on What Your Gym Clothes Say About You.

4. FHITpros Dennys Lozada and Ben Wegman joined Nike and took over 51st Street for a sweaty Saturday morning workout. They led hundreds of FHIT New Yorkers through a hard HITting FHIX. See what it means to Dennys and Ben to live Unlimited in NYC. On the same morning, FHITpros Amanda Butler and Daury Dross were serving up a fierce FHIX at Southampton Sweat! Let’s just say it was a very sweaty Saturday.

5. New York City has a little something for everyone, but if you’re a health and wellness fanatic, then NYC has a lot for you. Check out Greatist’s list of The Healthiest Spots to Visit in NYC for everything from healthy eats to the city’s best fitness studios (ahem… The Fhitting Room).

6.We all want to maximize our time in the gym, and rightfully so! Just 20 minutes of high intensity training can do great things for your body and mind, so read these 10 Tips That Will Make Your HIIT Workouts Better to get as much out of your time and energy as possible.

7. “Exercising together is a good place to start to rebuild a connection and have fun together,” says couples’ counselor Kelley Kitley in this Refinery29 article touting that working out together could be better than couples’ therapy.

8. Avoiding sugar can be more difficult than it sounds. You can find it in practically any food at the grocery store. That didn’t stop this SELF Magazine editor from attempting to eliminate all added sugars from her diet for one week.

9. People often think that upping their veggie intake is only doable in the form of ‘boring’ salads or bland vegetable dishes that will leave you feeling hungry shortly after you’ve eaten them. Lucky for us, Well + Good shares 8 creative ways to swap out the bread and pasta in your meals for something healthier and still super satisfying.

10. For some of us, getting eight hours of sleep per night seems like a laughable and distant dream. We get it – you’re New Yorkers! You’ll sleep when you’re dead! Or whenever you can squeeze in a nap. According to this article from The Atlantic, “sleeping in spurts has the appeal of productivity, but inevitably you’ll collapse in your morning oatmeal.” Read on to see why napping cannot replace a full night’s rest.

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Summer FHIT Fashions

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We are in the middle of summer and feeling the heat! When we’re not HITting it hard at the studio, we like to spend our time roaming the streets of the city or out East relaxing by the pool and sipping margaritas – ahem – our version of green juice. Check out our summer picks for what to wear whether you’re working out, hanging out or laying out!


1. PUMA Dancer Drapey Tank Top

2. Adidas Micoach Fit Smart

3. Sukishufu Tempura Crop Top

4. Terez Eat Pop Performance Capri

5. Terez Sea Shells Performance Capri

6. Terez Neom Palms Pring Performance Capri

7. Nike Free Connect

8. Adidas Stellasport Fanny Pack

9. Adidas By Stella McCartney Run Woven Short

10. Jaybird Sport X2 Wireless Buds

11. Michi Antigravity Bra


1. FL2 Hampshire 2 Piece Outfit

2. Smart Rope

3. Nike AW84 ZIP

4. Nike Train Ultrafast Flyknit

5. Lululemon T.H.E. Tank

6. Nike Basketball Shorts

7. Reebok Force Nasty Cordura Board Short

8. powerbeats2 wireless


1. Terez Summer Sunnies Fade Tank

2. Monreal London Signature Visor

3. Tory Sport Sequin Backpack

4. Master & Dynamic MH40 Alcantara Over Ear Headphones

5. PUMA Gummy Pop-Color Watch

6. Pharrell Williams for Adidas Artist Cropped Tank Top

7. Nike Lab Benassi Cuff Lux Sandal

8. Nike Air Max Thea Premium ID

9. Pharrell Williams for Adidas Artist Culotte

10. Chill-Its Evaporative Cooling Bandana


1. Lululemon Commission Short

2. Nike Hurley Phantom Utility Short

3. Switch B-7 Sunglasses

4. Adidas Men’s Originals Essentials Tank Top

5. Adidas NMD C1 Original Boost Chukka

6. Outdoor Voices Merino Tee

7. “OVO” Air Jordan 10

8. Adidas Men’s Originals Snapback Cap

9. Herschel Supply Sutton Duffle

FHIT Summer_GIRLS_Layout small

1. DUSKII Temptation Spring Suit

2. Adidas Adilette Wood Slides

3. JBL Pulse 2 Splashproof Bluetooth Speaker

4. Lululemon Strappy Back One Piece

5. Private Party Spicy Margarita Swimsuit

6. Karla Colletto Ring Zip Front Silent Underwire Bikini

7. Tommy Bahama Tassel Beach Sweater Cover Up

8. Nike Gold II Women’s Tote Bag

9. Sugar Sport Treatment Sunscreenguys_layout small

1. Havaianas Brazil Sandal

2. Jammy Pack Cooler

3. Sunnylife Round Beach Towel

4. Men Adidas Neo Photo-Print Tank Top

5. Nike Benassi Just Do It Mismatch Slide Sandal

6. Jack Black Oil-Free Sun Guard Sunscreen

7. Carrera 8013/S Sunglasses

8. Vilebrequin Micro Stripes Swim Shorts

9. Lululemon El Current Short

10. Orlebar Brown Setter Hulton Getty Beach Print Swim Shorts

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JULY 2016 FHIT10

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1. We know finishing a FHIX isn’t easy. You’re lifting, swinging, jumping and more for 50 minutes, and your body is pushed out of its comfort zone. According to this article from New York Magazine, however, all that time feeling a little uncomfortable is likely setting you up for extra comfort and way less stress in the long run.

2. How nutritious are your meals? Perhaps way less, or way more, than you think! A large percentage of Americans are mistaken in their perception of what foods are healthy. Check out this piece from the Times to learn more about foods that confuse the American public.

3. How cool is this fully functioning farm on a rooftop in NYC?! We love how Brooklyn Grange is taking sustainability to a whole new level.

4. ESPN Magazine’s Body Issue challenges the notion of an “ideal” body by stripping top athletes of all their inhibitions – and their clothing.

5. Our FHITpros shared how they get through their toughest workouts with Well + Good.

6. Happy heart, happy life? That may not be exactly how the saying goes, but it sure is true. This New York Times article reports that reducing your sugar intake can dramatically increase your heart health.

7. Get your FHIX for whatever reason you want, but the next time you’re HITting it hard, realize you’re not only gaining benefits in your physical fitness, but in your life fitness. Read on to see how pushing yourself in the studio translates to mental, emotional and even financial benefits.

8. The Huffington Post gives Five (very persuasive) Reasons Fitness is Important in Dating and Relationships.

9. Can you run faster than your dog? What about a horse? These athletes race 22 uphill miles against horses. Some of them even win.

10. Whether you like it or not, you are about to become much more aware of the liquid calories you consume during a night out. Beer bottles will soon include a reality check: a calorie count.

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JUNE 2016 FHIT10

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This month flew by faster than we could burpee! Check out our FHIT10 moments of June.

1. It’s no secret that HIIT workouts can whip you into shape in no time. One factor that plays a huge part in HIIT is the “afterburn effect.” SELF Magazine dishes the deets on afterburn and how it affects your body.

2. With so many fitness and nutrition buzzwords constantly thrown around, we may know a good thing when we hear it, but not necessarily what makes it good. This Greatist article explains all you need to know about one of our favorite buzzwords – antioxidants.

3. Why do you get your FHIX? To let out some pent-up aggression? To give your muscles the burn they love and deserve? How about to make more money?! reveals how HITting the gym three times a week is linked to higher pay for both men and women.

4. Just in time for Independence Day cookouts, we rounded up some of our favorite healthy summer cocktails. Get the recipes here. While you are sipping on your favorite cocktail, you may as well light up the grill and cook up some healthy veggie burgers. Check out Well + Good’s suggestions on the best frozen veggie burgers here.

5. Sugar-free? Gluten intolerant? Vegan? No matter your dietary restrictions, it seems Chipotle has an option for you. Check out CNN’s guide to eating at Chipotle on any diet.

6. Our FHITfam participated in a photoshoot for #GunsAgainstGunViolence with The Sweat Life to benefit OneOrlando. Together we stand in solidarity, using the strength of our “guns,” to show that love is stronger than hate.

7. With UV-rays in full effect, we all know the importance of applying sunscreen throughout the day. What you might not know is that you can also protect your skin from the inside. According to Elite Daily, here are 5 Foods That Will Minimize Your Chances of Skin Cancer This Summer.

8. The Jonesing visited our Flatiron studio to see if we live up to the hype. What did they think?! Check out their review here.

9. Muscle & Fitness Hers featured FHITpro, Julia Avery, in their July/ August issue! Pick up a copy to get her AMRAP workout (on page 88) that you can do from anywhere.

10. Full speed ahead into July! Don’t forget you can get your FHIX with us out East starting this weekend through Labor Day weekend. Book your Hamptons FHIX here!

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Summer Cocktail FHIX

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Summer has officially begun, and the Fourth of July is right around the corner! Get ready for BBQs, beach trips, fresh food and cold drinks! At The Fhitting Room, we believe if you work hard, you get to play hard! Holidays are a time to celebrate and spend time with family and friends, but that doesn’t mean you need to sabotage your FHITness goals! Keep cool this Independence Day with our five favorite refreshing cocktails! Each of these are made with simple and fresh ingredients without any store-bought mixers or added sugar. These drinks will keep your party going while still keeping you feeling FHIT!

Who said kids are the only ones who enjoy popsicles? These adult ice pops are perfect for hot summer days spent in the sun. As your kids’ ice cream cones melt down their arms, you can relax with this adult popsicle made with only three simple ingredients.


Blueberry-Rosé Lemonade Ice Pops – Real Simple


1-cup sweet rosé wine

2 cups lemonade

1/3-cup blueberries

  1. Combine the rosé and lemonade in a measuring cup with a spout.
  2. Add the blueberries to 10 3-ounce or 8 4-ounce ice pop molds, dividing evenly. Pour the lemonade mixture into the molds. Insert ice-pop sticks and freeze until firm, at least 8 hours or overnight.

Tip: Because blueberries float in this liquid, they will rise to the surface of your ice pop molds. To distribute evenly, freeze the pops in three stages, adding an even number of blueberries each time.

Drunken Watermelon-

We can all agree that watermelon is the unofficial fruit of summer, and the only way to make it even better is to make it boozy. This recipe requires some minor watermelon surgery, but the presentation is a crowd pleaser and the drink itself tastes like summer.



1 medium watermelon, whole

750 ml lemon-flavored vodka (or flavor of your choice)

Cooler and ice

2 whole lemons, sliced paper-thin

Cilantro leaf (optional)

  1. Place the melon in the bottom of the cooler. Using a sharp knife, or apple-coring tool, carve a 1 ½ inch hole in the top of the melon through the center of the melon. Open the vodka and place the neck of the bottle in the hole. Use rolled towels to keep the bottle upright in the melon.
  2. Fill the cooler with ice and cover with aluminum foil.
  3. Leave overnight for vodka to be absorbed into the melon.
  4. Remove bottle and cut melon in half, then cut flesh into chunks (or use melon baller if desired). Mix in large bowl with sliced lemons and cilantro if desired.

Tip: Leftover “water” in the serving bowl makes a refreshing cocktail; serve over ice.

Fresh Wine Slushie- Twinspiration

Move over Sangria- there’s a new wine cocktail at the bar this summer. This recipe makes a deliciously chilled, frothy slushie with just two frozen fruits and your favorite white wine. Switch out your protein shake or green juice for this fun summer cocktail on the Fourth of July. You’ve earned it!



4 Cups (chilled) Pinot Grigio

3/4 Bag Frozen Peaches

3/4 Bag Frozen Pineapple

1 Cup Ice

  1. In a blender combine the wine, peaches and pineapple. Puree until smooth. Add ice and pulse until you reach desired slush consistency.
  2. This recipe makes 8 servings. You can always make a batch and place some in the freezer, then just defrost for 15 minutes at room temp when you want a top off!

Cucumber Cooler- Minimalist Baker

Fresh from the garden, this cucumber cooler is a perfect summer cocktail. Cucumber invigorates any drink, even water, but when muddled with limes, gin and fresh mint leaves, you really can’t go wrong. Fresh herbs aren’t just for cooking or roasting a chicken anymore; they add a refreshing kick to this summer cocktail.



1.5 oz gin (or 3 Tbsp)

4-6 cucumber slices

1/4 lime, sliced

4 oz tonic water

6 mint leaves

1 Tbsp sugar (optional)

  1. Add mint, lime, gin and sugar (if using) to shaker and muddle.
  2. Add cucumber slices to shaker and shake vigorously.
  3. Pour mixture over a glass filled with ice and top with tonic water.
  4. Stir, let set for a few minutes to allow the flavors to enhance and enjoy.

Kari’s Famous Margaritas

Our FHIT Founder, Kari and Chief of Deets and Peeps, Jessica’s drink of choice for summertime is “green juice” aka margaritas! Every summer we have a FHITfam BBQ in the Hamptons, and the signature drink is fresh squeezed margaritas. There are endless ways to make a margarita nowadays, but this recipe does not use any mixers or added sugar. Enjoy your outdoor holidays this summer with this delicious margarita recipe, from our FHITfam to yours!

J&K Margs (1)


6 parts Patron Silver or Don Julio Blanco

4 parts freshly squeezed lime

1 part Cointreau

1 part freshly squeezed orange juice

Optional: Stir in agave to sweeten to your liking

Combine all ingredients and serve over lots of ice.

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MAY 2016 FHIT10

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It’s been an a-May-zing month for us at The Fhitting Room. Check out this round up of ten big FHITness moments in May 2016.


1. FHITpro, Emily Cook Harris, partnered up with Well + Good and Athleta to provide a quick do-it-anywhere workout. Check out this 5 minute body burner full of functional movements to make you sweatier, stronger and more confident in your own body.

2. Summer is nearly in full swing, and that means vacation time is upon us (whoop whoop!). We know staying consistent with your workouts isn’t always easy when jet-setting. Here are a couple tips for fitness on-the-go from U.S. News. Then, head over to our Youtube page to see #goFHIX workouts you can do wherever you may find yourself.

3. Your FHITfam here at The Fhitting Room wants you to feel good at all times and we know there are few things worse than a terrible sunburn. We want you to protect yourself, not wreck yourself. Thankfully, Greatist rounded up this list of 12 sunscreens that don’t provide the protection they claim to. Read this now so you’re not a lobster later.

4. The FDA released an updated nutrition label for the first time since the early ‘90s. Serving sizes are more realistic, calorie counts are more noticeable, and there is a new field to show added sugar.

5. No matter how many times you HIT it, you won’t be feeling the full extent of benefits if you’re eating the wrong foods. U.S. News is here to help with an article about the best things to eat before, during and after a workout.

6. Several fitness trackers are currently taking the heat for providing some not-so-accurate readings. Engineers and researchers are working on the next generation of fitness trackers that will monitor different signals from the body to provide more accurate readings.

7. asked, and FHITpro, Amanda Butler answered! Check out her 12-minute morning workout that will help you jump-start your day.

8. Move over zoodles! We have a new veggie-substitute obsession. Cauliflower rice can be prepared in a matter of minutes, and this article from Chalkboard Mag teaches you how to do it and provides some delicious recipes to test out.

9. There has been a lot of talk lately about the infamous 1-minute workout and whether 60-seconds of all out effort is enough to give the same results as 45-minutes of steady state cardio. FHITpro, Ben Wegman, spent some time in the studio with CBS reporter Alice Gainer to talk about HIIT and what 1-minute of all out effort looks like. FYI, 1-minute all out effort intervals should be part of your workout, not your entire workout! Watch them crush one minute of intense exercise here.

10. We are beyond jazzed to head into June. One of the first things on our calendar? Daybreaker! This event is all about coming together with people who love life as much as you do. Kick start your day with an all-out, bright and early sweatfest on Friday, June 10 at 6am led by FHITpros Ben Wegman and Mark Ribeiro.

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If you’re anything like us, your inbox is constantly bombarded with emails about new fitness classes, athletic apparel and other wellness tips. Okay okay, we’re also overloaded with emails from department stores, social media accounts and “special offers” from Seamless and Uber, but if we clicked on all of those, we’d be wasting our days online shopping, stalking Facebook and waiting for our panang curry to be delivered. Needless to say, we send those emails straight to Trash. Those wellness emails, though?! Bring ‘em on! Read on for April’s FHIT10, our ten favorite stories to HIT our inbox throughout the month.

APR16 FHIT10edit

1. Sandals, shmandels… we rock sneakers 365 days a year! Racked created this list featuring 10 of the Best NYC Sneaker Shops for Women to help all New York women find their perfect sneaker FHIT.

2. One more for the ladies: quit worrying about bulking up! Check out this article from Refinery29 on The Weight-Lifting Myth Women Need To Stop Believing, then pass it along to any of your girlfriends who are hesitant about getting their strength FHIX.

3. CNBC compared the high-energy environment of our Flatiron location to the sledgehammers at a nearby construction site. That sounds about right! Our FHIT Founder, Kari, spoke to CNBC’s Diana Olick about Boutique Fitness Muscling In On Prime Real Estate in NYC.

4. FHITpro, Daury Dross, curated two 15-Minute HIIT Workouts for Check them out here. Each move is accompanied by a gif of Daury performing the exercise; all you need is a blasting hip-hop playlist (get his Spotify playlist here) and it’s like you’ve got Drossfit working out next to you.

5. FHIT people are busy people! If you’re prioritizing 50 minutes of your day to a FHIX, you can save time in other ways. We recommend you start with these freezer-pack smoothie recipes from SELF Magazine to save time on breakfast.

6. One way to amp up your workout is to recover properly from your previous workouts! Skipping out on stretching can lead to injuries. This article from Men’s Health includes stretching and mobility moves that will help reduce your risk of injury and correct existing muscle imbalances.

7. Chickpeas are so versatile. They can be eaten cold in salads, cooked in stews, fried as falafel and blended into hummus. Good news for fans of chickpeas in any form – they have been deemed a heart-healthy superfood! Mindbodygreen wrote this article to bring to light all the benefits of this humble legume.

8. Between work, friends, family, FHIXin’ and everything else that consumes your waking hours, it’s no surprise that sometimes you need a little R&R. The next time you need a facial, massage or any other pampering, consult The Stripe’s roundup of the best spas in the city before you treat yo self!

9. Are any of your friends still ignoring the mass of articles supporting HIIT workouts and the myriad of ways it improves your FHITness levels? Show them this NY Times article that highlights a study on interval training that supports the notion that 1 Minute of All-Out Exercise May Have Benefits of 45 Minutes of Moderate Exertion.

10. Day to day tasks can be an absolute drag when you’re tired. If you follow all of the usual tips and tricks for a good night’s rest, but still aren’t clocking in all your necessary ZZZs, you should take a look at your diet. Well + Good is here to help with a list of 8 Superfoods for Better Sleep.

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