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New Year’s isn’t just about champagne toasts, countdown clocks and friends; it’s also a time to reflect on what you have been grateful for throughout the year, your hopes and dreams for the year to come and what you can do to help those less fortunate. During 2017, we partnered with a variety of philanthropic organizations, each with its own worthy cause, inspiring story, and uplifting message. Keep reading to learn about the different charities we worked with this year and what you can do to help give someone else something big to be grateful for.

The Human Rights Campaign


We celebrated Pride Month this year with the creation of our rainbow Live FHIT tank. Not only was this shirt a must for warm weekends at the beach, it was also our way of raising money for the Human Rights Campaign, an organization that advocates for LGBTQ equality.

Music for Relief


After a devastating hurricane season, we were eager to give back and support Houston, where many of our loyal FHIXers call home. As a team, we donated to Music for Relief, an organization founded by Linkin Park in order to provide relief from natural disasters around the world. This charity partnered up with Team Rubicon USA in Houston, and donated 100 percent of their proceeds to search and rescue efforts.

Cycle for Survival


For the third year in a row, we traded our assault bikes for spin bikes and peddled our hearts out during this special fundraiser. We raised over $27,000 dollars, all of which went to funding rare cancer research at Memorial Sloan Kettering.

Breast Cancer Research Foundation


Our FHIX Like a Girl Tanks were more than just a cute play on words; they were a means to raise money for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation during October, which is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 20 percent of the proceeds from each tank top sale went directly to funding cutting edge breast cancer research.

New York Foundling en Puerto Rico


With many members of our FHITfam hailing from Puerto Rico, supporting the island after a devastating hurricane season was near and dear to our hearts. Daury, Dennys, and Carlos triple-taught two beneFHIT classes to raise money for the New York Foundling, a child welfare agency that has been instrumental in rebuilding Puerto Rico post-storm.

She’s the Firstshesthefirst-logo-square-teal-for-web1
Former FHITpro Emily Cook Harris produces an annual FITWeek that unites the local fitness community in order to raise money for education. This year, these funds went to She’s The First, a nonprofit that sponsors girls education in low income countries. We hosted a Saturday morning class at Flatiron as part of this week-long event and were thrilled to have a chance to catch up with a much-missed member of our FHITfam.



One of our most loyal FHIXers, Amy Knepper founded TEAM ANDI after her daughter spent weeks in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Mount Sinai Hospital. Her organization raises funds to develop private family suites in the hospital, so that new parents can spend as much time as possible with their babies before they are cleared to take them home.

The Unicorn Affect


Motivated by her own struggle to obtain health insurance coverage while recovering from an eating disorder, Sammi Farber decided to raise money to aide other patients who are unable to afford the cost of treatment. Sammi is a frequent FHIXer and beloved member of our community and we are so excited to support her advocacy work.

Bummed you missed out on purchasing a FHIX like a Girl Tank or attending one of our Puerto Rico beneFHIT classes? It’s not too late to donate to any of these organizations and make an impact of your own before the ball drops in Times Square at midnight.

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Fitness Inspiration: Peripartum Cardiomyopathy Survivor Kira Hersch

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At first glance, Kira Hersch is a normal NYC (superFHIT) mom. Upon closer examination, however, a few things stand out: her waist length hair (that she wears in two long braids that resemble battle ropes), her love for gangster rap and sneakers, and the fact that her pregnancy with her son Clark caused her to go into heart failure.

Kira was a total spin addict before she got pregnant. She knew she wanted to continue her fitness regimen throughout her pregnancy, so she didn’t slow down once she got the good news. As she got further along things started to get difficult. She found herself out of breath earlier on in class and she started to have trouble taking full, complete breaths.  Soon, her morning commute to Grand Central was extremely difficult and she struggled to walk even a single subway block. At first, doctors assured her that some changes were expected during pregnancy; but eventually, they realized that someone in such great shape shouldn’t be having such difficulty breathing.

A few weeks prior to her son’s due date and after several tests, Kira was diagnosed with Peripartum Cardiomyopathy.  Peripartum Cardiomyopathy, or PPCM, is a rare form of heart failure that can happen to pregnant women between the last month of their pregnancy and several months after delivery. Essentially, the heart cannot contract forcefully enough to adequately pump blood to vital organs. Often PPCM goes undetected as the common signs and symptoms mimic those typical of late stage pregnancy.

After the birth of her son and understanding the severity of her condition, Kira was determined to exercise not only to get back in shape after having a child, but to strengthen her heart. In those first days of exercise, she felt like there was an elephant sitting on her chest when she was simply pushing a stroller around the city. But Kira was determined not to let the diagnosis of PPCM stop her from achieving her goals, so she took her son for a walk in his stroller every day… right past Fhitting Room.

Eventually, Kira walked into a class and her life changed forever.

We caught up with Kira (after class, of course, because we definitely couldn’t keep up with her during the FHIX) and asked her about how she dealt with everything that was thrown her way.


Peripartum Cardiomyopathy (PPCM) is so rarely spoken about. How were you finally able to arrive at the diagnosis, and what helped you through the process afterwards?

I am very fortunate to have had a fantastic team of Cardiologists who ultimately discovered the weakening of my heart. Had it not been for their comprehensive testing, I can’t even imagine what the potential outcome could have been.  Many people have asked me if I was scared after receiving the diagnosis, and of course, I was terrified.  Becoming a new mother with a serious diagnosis was overwhelming, I never expected my recovery after delivery to be in the Cardiac Critical Unit.  I can’t help but laugh, as I had this elaborate “birth plan” and I can assure you, it didn’t come anywhere close to what I experienced.  What significantly helped me after my diagnosis was to take life day by day.  I didn’t let the fear of the future unknowns overwhelm me.  I simply set tiny goals for each day and every day that I had a good day and felt ok was a huge victory for me.  I had a little mantra in my mind that I would just keep telling myself which was, “I can and I will get through this, getting better is the only way.”  I wouldn’t let any negative thoughts enter my mind, and I simply focused on what I needed to do to get better.  I was on multiple medications after my delivery for my heart, and there were a lot of less than favorable side effects. While I could not control that, I knew I could control exercising to make my heart stronger.  So each day I set a little goal, just to be able to walk a little longer, or a little faster.  I remember barely being able to push my son in his stroller without being out of breath. So eventually when I was able to take a Fhitting Room class and really push myself, it was a huge personal victory for me.

Who instructed the first class you took at Fhitting Room, and what inspired you to keep coming back?

Simon was my first instructor at the old location on Lexington.  I’ll never forget those first classes. Simon was friendly, welcoming and I never felt intimidated by the class or the program. As he always said: “everything is scalable!”.  I think Simon has probably seen the most of my progress over the years, he’s the reason why I completed my first box jump a couple years ago, and the reason why now I can jump on those 26’ boxes without fear.  I’ve been inspired to come back to Fhitting Room because I absolutely love the class, the FHITpros, the music, and the FHITfriends I have met along the way.  I love the community feel, and I’ve met so many wonderful people from the instructors to other FHIXers in class. Fhitting Room has offered me a class where I can really see my strength progress over the years. I remember when I used to swing kettlebells from the top rack, and now it gives me such a feeling of accomplishment to pull those kettlebells from the bottom rack!

What makes the biggest impression on you during a class? (music, programming, etc.?)

The FHITpros by far make the biggest impression on me during a class.  For the longest time I have been a part of the “Sunday Funday” 4pm class at 67th with Daury and Simon.  I love the energy that Daury and Simon have and I find myself laughing so much through class, and I love that.  Not only am I getting a great workout, but I am having fun while doing it and it doesn’t get much better than that.  I love the encouragement too. Simon, Daury, and Troy have all been known to see right when I am losing steam and to offer me some words that keep me going stronger.  And of course the music, Daury knows my love for Kanye, so there have been many times where I am fading and then he puts that Yeezy fire on for me and somehow I find some energy left in the tank.

How has Fhitting Room helped you in your post-partum transformation?

The Fhitting Room has honestly been such a happy place for me.  In my post-partum transformation and of course in my recovery from PPCM, I can confidently say that the fantastic programming of Fhitting Room has helped me to become the strongest that I have ever been in my life at 36 years old!  I am able to lift things I never thought possible and my great cardiovascular health was just confirmed at my recent Stress Echo test!  So while dropping the baby weight fast was a nice little bonus, I am mostly proud of my physical strength, and especially my heart’s strength.  My transformation is one of the most significant things in my life that I am proud of and I hope that my story can continue to inspire others.  I often speak to other women who are pregnant or post- partum and I take great pride in sharing the importance of healthy and safe exercise as I strongly believe that exercise played a major role in why I am here today to share my story.  My story and transformation has ignited this passion of mine to reach more women to inspire them to begin their fitness journeys and I am working on turning this into something even greater.

One of the benchmarks for people who have experienced heart problems is the stress echo. Can you tell us about your experience with yours?

The stress echocardiogram is a test that I have just about yearly to monitor how my heart is pumping under stress and recovery.  One of the most important features of the test is measuring my Left Ventricle ejection fraction, which sees how well my heart is pumping out blood with each contraction. To give you an idea, when I was diagnosed with PPCM my Ejection Fraction was in the low 20%, and now I am fully recovered to a low normal of 55% where normal is anywhere from 55-70%.   The test involves a treadmill and then the sonogram of my heart.  Among my Cardiologists it has now become a joke, each time I take a test I see how long I can stay on the treadmill before reaching my maximum heart rate.  I can say that this time I lasted over 12 minutes, putting me in the 95% percentile for the test!

What you went through with your first pregnancy was scary, are you considering having more children after your experience?

After my diagnosis there were a lot of unknowns.  My husband Rory and I are very grateful for the child that we have and that I had survived the diagnosis and we are comfortable with that.  Initially we were told that future children might not be a possibility and it would depend on my outcomes.  Of course, no one wants to have that possible choice taken away from them and it was certainly something we struggled with.  We are very fortunate to say that because of my faster than expected complete recovery from PPCM, my medicines being discontinued so fast, and the continual showing of improvement in my heart strength and function, that we have been cleared by my doctors to have more children.  So stay tuned, maybe there will be another future little FHIXer, so send us all of the good strong heart vibes :)


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Entrepreneurial FHIXers

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We’re so lucky to have an amazing family of FHIXers. They work hard every day, both in the studio and outside of it. It’s no surprise that some of  our FHIXers have used their drive and creativity to build their own businesses. We tracked down some of these FHITrepenuers to get a rundown on what they do outside of the studio, what they love about getting their FHIX, and how they juggle it all.

Lindsay DeFalco, Camp Specialists


1. Tell us about your business and how you founded it.

I was introduced to the concept of Camp Specialists in fall 2015 while trying to select the perfect place for my own children to attend sleep away camp.  It became immediately apparent to my husband and me that we needed some guidance to help find the best environment for our children and to determine which directors we would trust to serve as our stand-ins and role models for seven weeks. This is where the role of Camp Specialists comes into play. I didn’t start the Company, but I was an instant believer in the business, quickly became an informal ambassador and was then asked to join the team. As a Camp Specialist, I offer a free referral service that helps research, locate and select the best camp for a family. I decided to make this my career because as a life-long camper, I am passionate about the camp experience and the overall benefits it provides to children such as fostering independence, breaking through walls to get them out of their comfort zone, instilling confidence, teaching decision making and taking a much needed break from electronics and social media. To learn more about my services or to start the camp process for your children, email me at lindsaydefalco@campspecialists.com.

2. Has taking classes at Fhitting Room helped you overcome any obstacles that are also applicable to owning your own business?

At Fhitting Room I have been pushed to do things that I never could have imagined doing physically without quitting on myself.  The trainers are very focused on teaching and expanding FHIXers’ knowledge on a daily basis. Over the past few years I have had to deal with a number of major injuries. Through every class they have shown me how critical it is to treat each client as an individual and ensure that their needs are met to stay safe and fit at the same time. Similar to how no two FHIXers are the same physically, no two families have the same needs for their children. Similar to the trainers at TFR, I tap into my knowledge and experience in the camp world and treat each family as a unique client. I spend a great amount of time listening to their needs, concerns and fears and provide them with the options that I think are best (e.g., traditional camps, specialty camps, shorter session camps, etc).

3.  Running your own business must make your schedule crazy. How do you work getting a regular FHIX into your life, and how important is it for you to do so?

I find that my work schedule varies daily, so to have a place with so many options as to where and when to get my FHIX is a huge benefit to me. Working out has been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember. In the past I used it as a way to clear my head and stay fit. As a mother of 7-year-old identical twin girls, I now look at fitness as a way to ensure that I remain healthy and strong and can be a present and active part of their lives for a long time.

4.  What’s your biggest FHIT achievement?

I think my biggest FHIT achievement is the improvement of my form and overall distance of my rowing. When I first started working out at The Fhitting Room, I had never been on a rower before and definitely did not have the right technique. Fast forward 4 years, tons of classes and many trainers later, I can easily reach 15 calories and 275 meters during that same minute. I truly feel empowered.

Ceceil Mendal, Little Moon Essentials

Facebook: Little Moon Essentials

Instagram: @littlemoonessentials


1. Tell us about your business and how you founded it.

Little Moon Essentials is a natural bath & body care brand that prides itself in its handmade products which are carefully sourced and formulated with 100% pure and organic ingredients. All of our products are filled with unique essential oils and are also cruelty-free, planet friendly and handmade by our team in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. The first product, the seedling that started it all, was created because it solved a problem that is experienced by many of our customers: Eczema. The bath salt was a complete success and this seedling grew into a colorful line of aromatherapeutic bath salts with multiple benefits, followed by mists, body rubs and remedies, lotions, massage oils and more! Eventually Little Moon Essentials became the go-to brand for 100% natural bath and body care products. The rest is history.

2. Has taking classes at Fhitting Room helped you overcome any obstacles that are also applicable to owning your own business?

Taking class at Fhitting Room has helped me understand that everything in life takes time. Whether it is dealing with something in your personal life or business related, time is key! When I started taking classes at Fhitting Room I noticed that the lightest kettle bell was a challenge for me and I thought to myself “there is no chance I will ever be able to workout with the green bell.” Only 6 months (and a lot of sore days) later, I noticed I was swinging a light grey bell! The same applies to our business, if you give enough attention to the details and take good care to follow the necessary steps to hand make our formulas and products, it will lead you to great success.

3. Running your own business must make your schedule crazy. How do you work getting a regular FHIX into your life, and how important is it for you to do so?

I consider my dose of FHIX as my therapy.  I am constantly thinking of what is next on my list of things to do. So before I allow the list and stress to build up and take control, I find time for a FHIX to release all of my stress before I start my day. There is nothing a FHIX can’t FIX and there’s nothing like starting a day stress-free!

4. What’s your biggest FHIT achievement?

My biggest FHIT achievement would definitely be completing the final FHIX and stretch in it’s entirety! The first 6 months I was not able to finish the full FHIX without shortening the count or stopping half way to let my partner complete the FHIX for us. Now, the only way I feel accomplished is getting through the full FHIX and completing the recommended rounds necessary to get my full FHIT session. Knowing I finished the class and gave it my all is an achievement I carry with me throughout the day.

Sam Rosen, MakeSpace


Twitter: @MakeSpace

Instagram: @MakeSpace

Twitter: @SIR (Sam Rosen)


1. Tell us about your business and how you founded it.

MakeSpace is a full-service, technology-enabled storage company serving tens of thousands of customers in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Washington D.C. We’ve rethought “self-storage,” a $30 billion market in the United States, from the ground up to provide a better experience at a better price. To start, a customer makes a reservation online or over the phone. Then we send a moving team to pick up the customer’s items and load them into our truck. When the items get to our warehouse, we create an online photo catalog of our customer’s belongings so that he/she never forgets what’s in storage. Customers can easily schedule delivery of some or all of their items stored in our secure storage facility. Think of us like the Amazon of storage and those other self-storage facilities are Borders. We place massive warehouses outside of major city centers, handle pickup and drop-off, and pass along the cost savings of less expensive real estate to our customers in the form of better prices and service.

I started the company in January 2013. The idea came to me just a few weeks prior in late 2012 when Hurricane Sandy destroyed my ex girlfriend’s apartment and I helped her put all of her possessions into a self-storage unit. I hated that I couldn’t remember what was in the unit as soon as we boxed it up, and it was outrageously expensive. Though it rarely happens this way, I had pitched an investor that I’ve known for a while on my “napkin idea.” He told me if I could convince his partners, he would make me the first Entrepreneur in Residence at his firm, Upfront Ventures, the rest is history (in the making).

2. Has taking classes at Fhitting Room helped you overcome any obstacles that are also applicable to owning your own business?

A peaceful mind and healthy body are the two most important things for me to be successful in my career. When those two things are sound I don’t feel like any obstacles stand in my way.

I’m someone who is competitive by nature, and Fhitting Room has kept me sharp thanks to the workouts being challenging yet scalable based on how I’m feeling.  Also, I love being pushed by others in the class, and due to smaller class sizes, I also feel like I’ve really become a part of the community. Having a whole group of amazingly friendly, energetic, like minded people (especially instructors!) outside of my day-to-day world is really important to me.

3. Running your own business must make your schedule crazy. How do you work getting a regular FHIX into your life, and how important is it for you to do so?

Working out, and in particular getting in at least 2 sessions a week at the Fhitting Room, is a must for when I’m in NYC. I ditched a gym membership years ago. I spend most of my time between NYC, LA, and SF, and getting my FHIX is absolutely my favorite routine amongst the workouts I do in all of those cities (except outdoor rock climbing!).

There are a few secrets for me to get a regular FHIX into my schedule. First, it’s literally penciled in on my Google Calendar. This sets my own expectation and that of others; I don’t let other things get booked at that same time. Second, I often invite friends who want to meet up to come try it and grab a light breakfast after. A workout at Fhitting room beats drinks any day for me and is a healthy way to start my morning. Also, knowing that I’ll be meeting someone at the gym means I’m far less likely to skip even if I’m out late the prior evening .

4. What’s your favorite move at that we do at Fhitting Room?

Anything involving box jumps. I’ve got hops for a guy with average height, so I like challenging myself to get up on something that the tall people are working with — I’m looking at you, Mark.

Gina Cavallo, EKG Project


1. Tell us about your business and how you founded it.

My best friend and I founded EKG project about 3 years ago; the idea came from us walking back from a fitness class and really craving something sweet that would not sabotage all the work we did in the gym. We realized that it was tough to find desserts that were super clean even in the city that has it all. The EKG project evolved into a line of packaged Paleo Donuts, Cookies, and Biscotti – all non-GMO, made with organic ingredients and are gluten, soy and dairy free. Additionally, we hire all of our EKG employees from Father’s Heart Ministries in the East Village; giving jobs to those who need them most – transitioning from homelessness, prison, addiction or hardship.

2. Has taking classes at Fhitting Room helped you overcome any obstacles that are also applicable to owning your own business?

I think when you own a business with your best friend, you sometimes focus so much on the business; you forget that you were best friends first before business partners. Fhitting Room is part of our “bestie” time together – especially on days when there are partner workouts. We both push each other to step up our fitness game in class, whether it is who can do the highest box jump or swing the heaviest kettle bell.


3. Running your own business must make your schedule crazy. How do you work getting a regular FHIX into your life, and how important is it for you to do so?

It is so important to get your FHIX – especially when you own a bakery. It is also just necessary to maintaining balance when you own your own business because there are very, very few days off.

We are also both on completely different schedules; but we both make it priority- whether it’s a 6am class, squeezing it in at lunch or late night until the gym closes. We try to live a truly Paleo lifestyle all around whenever possible; it is more than just eating clean, it’s taking care of the body you were given, being active, getting enough rest and finding time for fun.

4.     What’s your biggest FHIT achievement?

Surviving Eric’s FHIXtreme class, hands down.

Chloe Burch, Neely and Chloe

Facebook: Neely & Chloe

Instagram: @neelyandchloe

Twitter: @neelyandchloe


1. Tell us about your business and how you founded it.

A year and a half ago, my sister, Neely, and I discovered a hole in the market for women’s accessories that were both aspirational and attainable. One year later–this past September– we launched Neely & Chloe, a direct to consumer line of women’s handbags and shoes. We are focused on quality and customer experience, delivering a high quality product at a reasonable price point- all under $300! Our silhouettes are clean and classic with almost no branding– when you walk out of our doors, the product should be more about you than it is about us!

2. Has taking classes at Fhitting Room helped you overcome any obstacles that are also applicable to owning your own business.

There have been times both at  Fhitting Room as well as my business where I find myself frustrated and losing motivation to push things to the next level. Taking classes at Fhitting Room has showed me that by continuing to push yourself and focusing on your long term goals, you can definitely get past the day to day challenges.

3. Running your own business must make your schedule crazy. How do you work getting a regular FHIX into your life, and how important is it for you to do so?

A regular FHIX is definitely a priority to me. I like to work out every day and I try to go to Fhitting Room at least twice a week. Running your own business can make it hard to prioritize your personal needs over work, but finding time for yourself is what makes it possible to keep moving forward.

4.     What’s your biggest FHIT achievement?

I think in general, I just feel stronger going to Fhitting Room. I don’t do weights on my own, so honestly even walking through the door at Fhitting room feels like an accomplishment!  If I had to pick one accomplishment, it would be adding the 6″ box to box jumps. I didn’t think I could do it since I am only 5′ 3″ but Daury convinced me I could!

James Corbett, James Corbett Studio


1. Tell us about your business and how you founded it.

At James Corbett Studio, we make happy happen through beautiful hair and results driven beauty products.  Superb cuts and hair color to make you stronger and more beautiful.

I founded it with a desire to create a warm, empowering, supportive community that was about producing a quality product much like the feeling I get from Fhitting Room.

2. Has taking classes at Fhitting Room helped you overcome any obstacles that are also applicable to owning your own business?

Sometimes you stumble and sometimes you slam dunk it, but just keep working at it, push forward and in the end you will come out better, stronger and more FHIT. Just like a Fhitting room class, this is the same mantra for running your own business,

3. Running your own business must make your schedule crazy. How do you work getting a regular FHIX into your life, and how important is it for you to do so?

I have learned to block out at least one or two days where I start later so I can get my FHIX at Fhitting Room. I have to schedule it like I would a client.  It is important because as they say on planes, in case of an emergency, you need to put your oxygen mask before assisting others.  I am better able to give to my clients if I make sure to do some self-care.  It also physically gives me the stamina to stand on my feet all day! When I get my FHIX in, the endorphins put me in a better position to juggle the many tasks that owning JCS throws my way daily.

4. What’s your biggest FHIT achievement?

Every class is a FHIT achievement; I personally challenge myself to reach new fitness goals.  In addition I am usually one of the oldest people in class (gasp) so it is an achievement to keep up with those younger than I!

Veronique Mazard, Jean Mahie


1. Tell us about your business and how you founded it.

My mother and grandfather are the founders of the business, and I have been running it for the past 20 years.  It is a very small jewelry/sculpture manufacturing company with 3 employees: my mother and my brother (my grandfather passed away a long time ago) who physically make the jewelry themselves: no factories, no molds, etc., and I do the rest. We are exclusive at Neiman Marcus, so I deal with that account but also have private clients.  I am also a graduate gemologist, I so help choose stones in addition to managing the marketing, sales and accounting for the business..

2. Has taking classes at Fhitting Room helped you overcome any obstacles that are also applicable to owning your own business?

Going to Fhitting Room and exercising keeps me sane so that helps me in running a business when I get annoying requests from sales people and/or when things don’t go accordingly to plan.  Better to keep calm when those things happen and take it out on the assault bike!

3. Running your own business must make your schedule crazy. How do you work getting a regular FHIX into your life, and how important is it for you to do so?

It’s very important for me to be able to exercise everyday, and I make it a priority after my kids are squared away, so most days I drop off my kids at school and head straight to Fhitting Room.  Since Neiman’s is based in Dallas (different time zone) and is a retail business, I rarely get a call or an email before 10am so have plenty of time in the morning to get my FHIX in!

4. What’s your biggest FHIT achievement? Or if nothing comes to mind, what’s your favorite move at that we do at Fhitting Room?

This Sunday I will be taking my 400th class at the Fhitting Room, I think that’s a pretty cool achievement!

Chris Almazan, Deliciously Fit

Facebook: Get Deliciously Fit

Instagram: @getdeliciouslyfit


1. Tell us about your business and how you founded it.

I opened my restaurant deliciouslyfit meal prep three years ago. We weigh and measure all of our meals to fit anyone’s fitness goals. I started deliciouslyfit because people asked me how I got in the best shape of my life when I competed in my first men’s physique show. So my following grew from there and now we feed celebrities such as Kevin hart when he is in NYC.

2. Running your own business must make your schedule crazy. How do you work getting a regular FHIX into your life, and how important is it for you to do so?

My schedule is crazy so I take Fhitting Room as I way to efficiently maximize my fat burning goals.

3. Has taking classes at Fhitting Room helped you overcome any obstacles that are also applicable to owning your own business?

I feed many top athletes and coaches in NYC so it’s nice to take Fhitting Room with them when I have time. The atmosphere at Fhitting Room really makes me want to push myself and inspire others to work hard.

4. What’s your favorite move at that we do at Fhitting Room?

My favorite move at Fhitting Room is the pull-up Burpee!

Fhitting Room clients can take $50 off your first Deliciously Fit order. Use the code: fhitting50 at checkout. 

Log onto the Deliciously Fit website: https://www.getdeliciouslyfit.com, choose your meals and use the promo code at check out to redeem.

*Promo code applies to first orders over $80.

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FHITspirational Teachers

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Whether it has been days or decades since you set foot in a classroom, everyone remembers their favorite school teacher. In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week (May 8 to May 12), we reached out to some all-star teachers in our FHIT community and caught up with them about their role in education and how getting their FHIX influences their teaching style. From familiarizing 4th and 5th graders with AMRAPs and EMOMs to emphasizing positive feedback, keep reading to learn more about the stellar teachers who are students in our own “classroom”.



1) Tell us about your current position and what inspired you to pursue a career in education?

Lauren: I teach third grade at Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School. My inspiration to pursue a career in education came from my favorite elementary school teachers. My teachers truly believed in me and ultimately made me believe in myself.

Tony: I am the head of school at The Town School, a nursery through eighth grade independent school on East 76th Street. Inspired by several great teachers that I had in school, I originally got into education because I believed in the power of connection and relationship to help students learn and grow.

Michelle: I am a Speech Language Pathologist and currently work with school aged children with language based learning disabilities. I always wanted to work with and help children and was specifically drawn to my position as I get to work with children individually and in small groups. This allows me to forge personal and meaningful relationships with the students and really focus on their individual needs.

JoJo: I am a Physical Education teacher at The Dalton School where I teach Middle School and High School classes. Physical activity has always been an integral part of my life. Being connected at such a young age to the world of competitive basketball has shown me the benefits of exercise, healthy eating, training, teamwork and determination.

Jodi: I am currently a 3rd grade teacher at a private school on the Upper East Side. I have been teaching here since I moved to NYC in 2010. My mother is an educator and I always knew that I wanted to go into education. As a little girl, my favorite play date activity was playing “school” and I would always be the teacher to all my friends.

Kate: I teach 4th and 5th grade science at a private school in Manhattan. Learning has always been fun for me, but as a child I didn’t always feel challenged or inspired in school. Getting involved in education was a way that I might influence my students with inspiring and engaging learning experiences.




2) How has getting your FHIX influenced your work in the classroom? What do you want to teach your students about staying healthy?

Meredith: I had the pleasure of bringing my class on a field trip to the Fhitting Room to let them experience the great joy I get as a FHIXer (and student!). I have also incorporated some “movement” activities as a part of our daily schedule. We teach the children to fuel their bodies with proper nutrition, participate in many activities, get proper rest and to brush their teeth.

Jodi: My weekly FHIX has given me a sense of control and discipline in the classroom. I have instilled a warrior mentality in my students, teaching them to set goals for themselves and never give up on achieving them.

JoJo: I have integrated Fhitting Room’s fundamental skills into my middle and high school Physical Education classes at The Dalton School. In my 4th grade and 5th grade classes I have incorporated Partner A and Partner B workouts. Tabata, AMRAP, burpees, air squats and plank walks are all terms and exercises that my kids are really familiar with. The FHITpros have helped me be more creative in my classroom.

Lauren: The strong community established at Fhitting Room has made me think more deeply about my classroom community. During my weekly FHIXes, community plays a significant role with my performance in class. Community is equally as important in the classroom. We are each other’s motivators and support systems.

First and most importantly, my students need to know that healthy is defined differently by everyone. Once they’ve established what healthy means to them, they can own it!

I model what healthy means to me on a daily basis. They hear me share my workout schedules and fitness goals. I’m seen walking up and down 500 stairs a day (yes, really) with a smile. We sit together at lunch and they watch what choices I make and the reasoning behind them. Healthy is a balancing act and a work in progress.

Tony: Daily exercise provides some sense of balance in my busy schedule. There is no better feeling than having completed a challenging FHIX and having those burpees behind me! Research has shown that physical activity is critical to brain development and to living a healthy life beyond school. Hopefully, I can be an example to students by my personal commitment to daily exercise, whether it be a class at the Fhitting Room, a challenging bike ride, or just a long walk in Central Park with my dog Aphrodite.



Michelle: Firstly, it gives me the strength and energy I need throughout the day! It also helps me maintain a patient and positive energy that is crucial to every child’s learning environment. We are constantly talking about keeping our bodies strong, energized and healthy with the students. We are transparent with our teaching and explicitly explain to the students what helps them stay focused to learn and absorb information. We highlight the importance of eating fruits and vegetables and often make celebratory announcements to the class when students bring in and choose to eat their healthy snacks. We also talk about how healthy food such as fruits, vegetables and protein give our body and brain the energy it needs to learn.

Kate: Fhitting Room is such an intense and stimulating workout, I tend to hate the first 5 minutes of my body warming to it and then suddenly things shift, I love hitting that turning point. If I’ve created lessons that evoke the same type of focused engagement I maintain when working out at Fhitting Room, then it’s certainly a success. My students should walk across the stage at year-end believing they can solve tough problems and feeling empowered to pursue their curiosities and passions in life. Staying healthy with exercise, clean eating, drinking plenty of water and getting sound sleep will enable them to maintain their focus and stamina while learning.



3) As someone with plenty of experience leading a classroom, is there anything you have learned about teaching from our FHITpros? How does it feel to spend time as a student again while working out in the studio?

Kate: I love working out at Fhitting Room, as the workouts are never dull and the instructors are super positive! I am definitely inspired to “up” my own teaching game as a result of being FHIT.

Tony: Well, I can’t quite get away with Daury’s style of in-your-face “motivation,” but Fhitting Room trainers have some of the same qualities I look for in teachers: expertise, empathy, passion, flexibility and the ability to make personal connections.

Michelle: Though the work I do is highly differentiated for each individual child, getting “my FHIX” has helped me really focus on each child’s specific needs and to focus on their strengths to help them understand and master concepts and skills. Just like in a workout class if someone has an injury there is always another movement they can be doing to achieve the same goal, the same goes for my students. When they are struggling with an academic concept or linguistic skill it is my job to figure out a different way to teach it so they can understand it and master it to the best of their ability in a way that works for them. It has also highlighted the importance of ‘actions speak louder than words’. A pro can talk about a movement, but once they demo, that is when we truly understand it. The same applies for my students; it has reminded me to speak less and include more visual supports and activity to lessons. Lastly, I’ve learned the importance of organization and being prepared. Just as I expect a Fhitting room class to be well thought out and organized, I need to be entering my sessions and lessons the same way. It feels great to be a student! I love being able to sit back and have someone else prepare and tell me what to do!

Lauren: Each FHITpro has reaffirmed the importance of accepting and implementing feedback. Maybe it’s the teacher in me who appreciates feedback, but that’s how I grow. I wouldn’t be where I am today as a FHIXer without the FHITpros and their willingness to help me succeed.

Jodi: The FHITpros have taught me that consistency is the key to success. Spending time as a student again while working out in the studio has made me more aware of the importance of embracing my strengths and weaknesses and striving to achieve my best.

Meredith: I have taken away that constant praise and motivation is not only great for children but for adults as well, and as adults we often forget that we can’t always do things perfectly and like children we need to keep trying. I have also learned about individualized attention for everyone. Being a student reminds me of some of the difficulties all students face when trying something new or challenging and reinforces how determination can get your through to achieve your goal. A positive can-do attitude always helps as well as a simple smile or a “keep it up,” from the instructors. Simple praise goes a long way.

JoJo: What I learned from the FHITpros is the importance of team building, working hard and pushing yourself to the highest limits. Most importantly exercise should be FUN!!!! Being a student in class makes me realize the importance of good and fun instruction. There is nothing worse than an instructor who goes through the motions. Therefore, it’s my goal to create a classroom environment where the kids will be excited to walk through the door and not be able to wait until their next class with me.



4) Summer break is right around the corner! What do you plan on doing with this vacation and how will you work getting your regular FHIX into your summer schedule?

Jodi: I can’t wait to spend the summer with my husband, Jon and our one-year-old son, Beckett. I can utilize the strength and endurance I’ve obtained from Fhitting Room to keep up with Beckett’s energy!

Kate: I’ll be in Montana for most of my summer. I’ll need some pointers on what to do for workouts there, and I’ll be missing my local studio while away. :)

Meredith: The summer is a great time for me to work on my FHIXes, especially now that I commute from NJ. I will have more flexibility with my classes, and I schedule my private clients around my workouts.

Lauren: Believe it or not, I actually spend part of my summer break working at Hunter College Elementary School. It’s an opportunity for me to collaborate with new teachers and teach a different demographic of students. Typically, August is my down time. I’m usually at the beach, traveling and preparing for a new school year. I always find time and energy for the things I love. Scheduling FHIXes is easy for me year round because it’s something I look forward to booking. Except maybe those 31 birthday burpees coming for me this summer!

Tony: I am a fairly avid cyclist, so along with being away for some vacation, summer involves fewer FHIXes for me. On the other hand, with a little more time on my hands, I try to get downtown for classes on occasion, and this year I will surely hop on a CitiBike to the West Side studio as well.

Michelle: I will be seeing some kids privately for the beginning of the summer and definitely getting my FHIXes in as much as I can! I haven’t decided on an exact destination, but plan to travel in Europe for about two weeks at the end of the summer. It is always a challenge to work out on vacation since I tend to eat and drink a lot more! When I am out of the country, I usually create different 5-10 minute workouts and do them a few times a week. I usually convince a friend to get in on the workout too, which always makes it more fun!

JoJo: Summertime is all about getting stronger, traveling and beach time in Provincetown. Most important is “Getting our Goats” which means it’s time to work on correcting my deficiencies. I live by these three quotes all my life: “live with passion”, “go hard or go home” and “strength and perseverance will get you through”.

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Spring has sprung and we have three studios in full swing! With no signs of things slowing down, check out just ten of our past month’s FHIT highlights.

1. We’re open on the Upper West Side! Our third location, at 88th and Columbus, is shaking up the neighborhood and we couldn’t be more excited. After a weekend of sold-out sneak-peek classes, we officially opened our doors on Monday, March 20. So far – SO GOOD! We will begin offering 6AM classes on Tuesdays and Fridays starting this week, and our new schedule will continue to expand in the coming weeks.

2. Try this sweet potato pad thai recipe from Well + Good. The sweet potatoes and peanut butter are satiating and warm (not to mention delicious), and the edamame and veggies add the spring punch we’ve been missing.

3. This goop article addresses the reality of cancer, and how to try to ward off an unwanted diagnosis. Nutritionist Adam Cunliffe advises on 5 cancer-fighting foods plus what foods to avoid.

4. Wondering where your favorite trainers train? Answer: here. We are happy to be included in Well + Good’s round up of the NYC fitness studios tough enough for top trainers.

5. Four years after opening Fhitting Room, we’re thrilled to share news of the arrival of the first baby to join our FHITfamily. One of our original FHITpros, Daury Dross, and his wife Nelissa welcomed a beautiful baby boy to their family (and ours). A huge congrats to the whole Dross family! We can’t wait to have Daury back! His first class back will be 8:30am Wednesday, April 5th at our Penthouse location.

6. A study conducted by the Mayo Clinic suggests HIT may reverse the signs of aging. Yes. You heard correctly. Read more here – then sign up for your FHIX!

7. FHITpro Lacee Lazoff created a total body workout for Harper’s Bazaar. Watch the video and give it a go yourself!

8. Wellness in the Schools is paving a healthier highway for more than 50,000 public school students. See how the non-profit turns schools into a place that teaches not only math, science and literature, but also wellness.

9. A home gym used to mean a treadmill in the corner of your bedroom or living room. Today, residential buildings are acknowledging tenant’s desires for wellness and including out-of-this-world health amenities.

10. In case you missed it, we have been rolling out our trainer biopics. Watch the videos here to get to know a little more about all your favorite FHITpros. We release a new video every Friday morning at 11am.

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Survival of the FHITTEST 2017

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Saturday March 4, 2017 marked Fhitting Room’s 4th Anniversary. We celebrated the best way we know how – by HITting it hard with our entire FHIT community. Our second annual Survival of the FHITTEST Challenge left us inspired, and our green hearts are bursting with pride. Challengers pushed themselves, and all the FHIT friends and family cheering on these FHITspirational athletes left us breathless.

We racked up tons of mileage via rowing and skiing, performed over 2,000 kettlebell swings and dropped chest to deck for nearly 2,000 burpees. And the best part of all of this high intensity exercise? The high intensity energy that came along with it. Check out our Survival of the FHITTEST highlight reel.


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2017 is already proving, in many arenas, to be a buzzworthy year. Just four weeks in, and we are already seeing new workout trends, new healthy foods and other exciting new FHIT bits!


1. New FHITpro alert! Welcome to the team, Chelsea and Jess! To learn more about these two megababes, check out their bios and 21 Questions.

2. While we’re welcoming our two newest female FHITpros – let’s take the time to acknowledge them along with every other lady in this world. In the spirit of the passionate Women’s March in Washington D.C. and the Sister Marches held across the country on January 21st, we celebrated our FHIT female trainers and all they do to inspire us daily. #strongisbeautiful #womenempowerment

3. New year, new research! This New York Times article claims that, contrary to nearly everyone’s belief, running may be good for your knees.

4. Frequent FHIXer and owner of 8 Point Wellness, Molly Forsyth, wrote a guest piece for our blog. Find out why this acupuncturist and herbal treatment specialist is one of our big FHITspirations!

5. Ever wonder why we build rest into our workouts or why we often emphasize a max effort in our FHIXes? SHAPE Magazine recently shared new research from Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise that supports the benefits of short bouts of high intensity training.

6. HBFit, the popular health, beauty and fitness blog by Hannah Bronfman and her team, featured FHITpro Lacee Lazoff. Check out the interview to see how Lacee fuels her body for a hard HITting FHIX and for life in general!

7. Run for Your Bun is a U.K.-based café that recently linked up with an English gym chain to become the first café that takes exercise for payment. Yes, you heard correctly – you can row row row your boat (or your erg) all the way to that grilled chicken salad. We’re crossing our fingers for Juice Press or Sweetgreen to take note.

8. Ginger, chicken noodle soup, Ricola cough drops… the list of things we try to use to cure the common cold goes on and on. But have you heard nachos can do the trick too? Nutritionist Lee Holmes told Well + Good what she eats to stave off contagious bugs.

9. Got some traveling for work coming up? FHITpro Melody Scharff wrote a full body workout for Well + Good that any boutique fitness class junkie will be able to HIT at any big-box gym.

10. We are feeling the FHIT love this month! Bloomberg Pursuits named us in a list of Cult Gyms Where New Yorkers are Shredding Their Bodies Right Now and The Wall Street Journal featured FHIXtreme at Fhitting Room as a fitness “Class Too Tough for Most Mortals”.

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365 Days of FHIT- 2016

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Some of our FHIT highlights from the year.


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November 2016 FHIT10

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November 2016 left us with plenty to feel thankful for. Check out ten of our favorite health and fitness moments from this past month.


1.  Do you go for a big or small breakfast in the morning? We have all heard the saying “it’s the most important meal of the day,” but there is a lot of debate around whether it should be a big hearty meal or a small snack like a piece of fruit. Well+Good asked some experts to weigh in.

2.  The Sweethome writer, Amy Roberts, tested her FHIX with several different fitness trackers to see which is best. The jury is in and here are the results.

3.  Journalist, fitness expert and total FHITspiration Jenna Wolfe shared her wellness secrets with Well + Good. Find out her sugary weakness, well-being mantra and favorite workouts here.

4.  With the holidays in full swing, we know getting to the studio can be a challenge. Breaking Muscle provides practical options for staying FHIT when you only have a little bit of time and little to no equipment.

5.  Just can’t get enough TFR in your life? We feel you. That’s why we’ve made our #goFHIX workouts so much more accessible. Check out the new #goFHIX section on our website for dozens of bodyweight challenges from all your favorite FHITpros.

6.  Our FHIT Founder Kari Saitowitz hosted our first FHITfam Thanksgiving, and we are still so full and so thankful! Cheers to many more celebrations and good times with co-workers FHIT friends.

7.  This election has been one for the books. While some things may feel out of your control, your wellness and FHITness shouldn’t be one of them! U.S. News presents a bipartisan strategy to achieve your health goals.

8.  Cheese lovers – rejoice! A new study shows that aged cheeses (think blue) can lead to a longer life. That’s something worth cheesin’ over. (See what we did there!? Sorry.)

9.  In part thanks to sidewalks, parks and public transportation, big cities are home to healthier residents. NBC news further explores why big cities are healthier.

10.  New Yorkers know that sometimes you have to get your meals on the go, and with a Starbucks on every other corner there’s a chance that you may have to resort to grabbing a meal from the coffee chain every now and then. Here are the top choices for what to eat at Starbucks picked by a nutritionist.

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Is it almost Thanksgiving already? We’ve broken out our boots, layered up pre-FHIX and as always, stayed up to date on the latest FHITness news and events. Read on for our 10 favorite FHIT moments from the month. #liveFHIT


1. Heard about that postFHIX “afterburn effect”, but unsure what all the benefits are? SELF Magazine has all the deets.

2. If you’ve eaten the same lunch over and over again and are looking to get out of your lunch rut, this guide from Goop has all the lunch inspiration you need.

3. We see a lot of chic/cool/techy workout gear come through our studios, but one brand that has really wowed us this year is Lululemon with their Lululemon Lab. Previously available only to us lucky New Yorkers, the brand recently put a select capsule collection online for purchase.

4. The Chalkboard Mag took the toast trend to a whole new level with this one – breadless toast! We know it sounds shameful, but before you jump to conclusions check out these 6 versions of eggplant toast we can’t get over.

5. Remember that lunch rut we mentioned earlier? We know the same conundrum can strike at any meal of the day. Luckily, Well + Good rounded up a list of 14 healthy NYC restaurants you need to try, consider this your little black book for eating out this fall.

6. We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it turns out that no matter how much you eat, certain things may still trigger your hunger. Read this depressing study from NY Magazine’s The Cut here.

7. Our muscles are strong, but our minds are even stronger! Check out this article from U.S. News to learn how the expectations you set for a workout can affect you.

8. Get FHIT for life! Studies show that brain function in adults aged 55-86 improved with exercise. Turns out those bicep curls are strengthening way more than just your arms!

9. It’s no secret that we live in our sneakers. We work in them, we work out in them, we run errands in them. But not all kicks are created equal! Check out The Coveteur’s list of classic sneakers you need to own to find a pair to rock when you’re not swinging, skiing, rowing or snatching.

10. New York Giants Running Back Rashad Jennings HIT it with us this week to beneFHIT the Rashad Jennings Foundation. See all the photos from the day here.

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