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Survival of the FHITTEST 2017

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Saturday March 4, 2017 marked Fhitting Room’s 4th Anniversary. We celebrated the best way we know how – by HITting it hard with our entire FHIT community. Our second annual Survival of the FHITTEST Challenge left us inspired, and our green hearts are bursting with pride. Challengers pushed themselves, and all the FHIT friends and family cheering on these FHITspirational athletes left us breathless.

We racked up tons of mileage via rowing and skiing, performed over 2,000 kettlebell swings and dropped chest to deck for nearly 2,000 burpees. And the best part of all of this high intensity exercise? The high intensity energy that came along with it. Check out our Survival of the FHITTEST highlight reel.


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2017 is already proving, in many arenas, to be a buzzworthy year. Just four weeks in, and we are already seeing new workout trends, new healthy foods and other exciting new FHIT bits!


1. New FHITpro alert! Welcome to the team, Chelsea and Jess! To learn more about these two megababes, check out their bios and 21 Questions.

2. While we’re welcoming our two newest female FHITpros – let’s take the time to acknowledge them along with every other lady in this world. In the spirit of the passionate Women’s March in Washington D.C. and the Sister Marches held across the country on January 21st, we celebrated our FHIT female trainers and all they do to inspire us daily. #strongisbeautiful #womenempowerment

3. New year, new research! This New York Times article claims that, contrary to nearly everyone’s belief, running may be good for your knees.

4. Frequent FHIXer and owner of 8 Point Wellness, Molly Forsyth, wrote a guest piece for our blog. Find out why this acupuncturist and herbal treatment specialist is one of our big FHITspirations!

5. Ever wonder why we build rest into our workouts or why we often emphasize a max effort in our FHIXes? SHAPE Magazine recently shared new research from Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise that supports the benefits of short bouts of high intensity training.

6. HBFit, the popular health, beauty and fitness blog by Hannah Bronfman and her team, featured FHITpro Lacee Lazoff. Check out the interview to see how Lacee fuels her body for a hard HITting FHIX and for life in general!

7. Run for Your Bun is a U.K.-based café that recently linked up with an English gym chain to become the first café that takes exercise for payment. Yes, you heard correctly – you can row row row your boat (or your erg) all the way to that grilled chicken salad. We’re crossing our fingers for Juice Press or Sweetgreen to take note.

8. Ginger, chicken noodle soup, Ricola cough drops… the list of things we try to use to cure the common cold goes on and on. But have you heard nachos can do the trick too? Nutritionist Lee Holmes told Well + Good what she eats to stave off contagious bugs.

9. Got some traveling for work coming up? FHITpro Melody Scharff wrote a full body workout for Well + Good that any boutique fitness class junkie will be able to HIT at any big-box gym.

10. We are feeling the FHIT love this month! Bloomberg Pursuits named us in a list of Cult Gyms Where New Yorkers are Shredding Their Bodies Right Now and The Wall Street Journal featured FHIXtreme at Fhitting Room as a fitness “Class Too Tough for Most Mortals”.

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365 Days of FHIT- 2016

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Some of our FHIT highlights from the year.


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November 2016 FHIT10

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November 2016 left us with plenty to feel thankful for. Check out ten of our favorite health and fitness moments from this past month.


1.  Do you go for a big or small breakfast in the morning? We have all heard the saying “it’s the most important meal of the day,” but there is a lot of debate around whether it should be a big hearty meal or a small snack like a piece of fruit. Well+Good asked some experts to weigh in.

2.  The Sweethome writer, Amy Roberts, tested her FHIX with several different fitness trackers to see which is best. The jury is in and here are the results.

3.  Journalist, fitness expert and total FHITspiration Jenna Wolfe shared her wellness secrets with Well + Good. Find out her sugary weakness, well-being mantra and favorite workouts here.

4.  With the holidays in full swing, we know getting to the studio can be a challenge. Breaking Muscle provides practical options for staying FHIT when you only have a little bit of time and little to no equipment.

5.  Just can’t get enough TFR in your life? We feel you. That’s why we’ve made our #goFHIX workouts so much more accessible. Check out the new #goFHIX section on our website for dozens of bodyweight challenges from all your favorite FHITpros.

6.  Our FHIT Founder Kari Saitowitz hosted our first FHITfam Thanksgiving, and we are still so full and so thankful! Cheers to many more celebrations and good times with co-workers FHIT friends.

7.  This election has been one for the books. While some things may feel out of your control, your wellness and FHITness shouldn’t be one of them! U.S. News presents a bipartisan strategy to achieve your health goals.

8.  Cheese lovers – rejoice! A new study shows that aged cheeses (think blue) can lead to a longer life. That’s something worth cheesin’ over. (See what we did there!? Sorry.)

9.  In part thanks to sidewalks, parks and public transportation, big cities are home to healthier residents. NBC news further explores why big cities are healthier.

10.  New Yorkers know that sometimes you have to get your meals on the go, and with a Starbucks on every other corner there’s a chance that you may have to resort to grabbing a meal from the coffee chain every now and then. Here are the top choices for what to eat at Starbucks picked by a nutritionist.

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Is it almost Thanksgiving already? We’ve broken out our boots, layered up pre-FHIX and as always, stayed up to date on the latest FHITness news and events. Read on for our 10 favorite FHIT moments from the month. #liveFHIT


1. Heard about that postFHIX “afterburn effect”, but unsure what all the benefits are? SELF Magazine has all the deets.

2. If you’ve eaten the same lunch over and over again and are looking to get out of your lunch rut, this guide from Goop has all the lunch inspiration you need.

3. We see a lot of chic/cool/techy workout gear come through our studios, but one brand that has really wowed us this year is Lululemon with their Lululemon Lab. Previously available only to us lucky New Yorkers, the brand recently put a select capsule collection online for purchase.

4. The Chalkboard Mag took the toast trend to a whole new level with this one – breadless toast! We know it sounds shameful, but before you jump to conclusions check out these 6 versions of eggplant toast we can’t get over.

5. Remember that lunch rut we mentioned earlier? We know the same conundrum can strike at any meal of the day. Luckily, Well + Good rounded up a list of 14 healthy NYC restaurants you need to try, consider this your little black book for eating out this fall.

6. We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it turns out that no matter how much you eat, certain things may still trigger your hunger. Read this depressing study from NY Magazine’s The Cut here.

7. Our muscles are strong, but our minds are even stronger! Check out this article from U.S. News to learn how the expectations you set for a workout can affect you.

8. Get FHIT for life! Studies show that brain function in adults aged 55-86 improved with exercise. Turns out those bicep curls are strengthening way more than just your arms!

9. It’s no secret that we live in our sneakers. We work in them, we work out in them, we run errands in them. But not all kicks are created equal! Check out The Coveteur’s list of classic sneakers you need to own to find a pair to rock when you’re not swinging, skiing, rowing or snatching.

10. New York Giants Running Back Rashad Jennings HIT it with us this week to beneFHIT the Rashad Jennings Foundation. See all the photos from the day here.

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FHITpro Must Have Eats

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In a city filled with delicious foods, we all know the secret to being healthy is balance. Pizza with a side of green juice anyone? We asked our FHITpros what their favorite meals are when they’ve HIT it hard and are ready to indulge in a well-deserved ‘treat yo self’ meal.


Ben – Tacos, chips and guacamole from Tortaria in Greenwich Village.
Image Source


Carlos– Any donut from Dough, the artisanal donut bakery across the street from our Flatiron studio. Our FHITfam is obsessed with their sweet treats.



Farouk– A bacon cheeseburger, French fries and ranch dressing with an IPA from Sweet Afton in Astoria.
Image Source


Mark – He says the best pizza in NYC is from John’s of Bleecker Street, but only if you order your pie half cheese, half pepperoni and onions, with extra sauce, well done.
Image Source



Daury– His favorite cheat meal is anything his mom cooks. Since we all can’t sample his mom’s home cooking, his favorite spot in NYC is New York Burger Co.; he orders a double cheeseburger with sweet potato fries and chipotle mayo. On the days he wants to treat himself, he goes to the location right around the corner from our Flatiron studio.
Image Source


Dennys– Pizza with a crust so hard that it cracks when you fold the slice.



Mat– Chicken with mixed vegetables and pork fried rice combo, with chicken lo mein from New Sunny East 88 on the Upper East Side.
Image Source


Dara– Homemade spaghetti with garlic bread, and a Caesar salad with no croutons from Il Mulino in Greenwich Village.
Image Source
Amanda– Mushroom and truffle oil pizza from Osteria Cotta in Midtown, with a margarita to wash it down.
Image Source


Eric– Rice and beans with a full chicken, maduros and yucca from El Malecon Restaurant in Washington Heights. Yes, he actually eats all of this food in one sitting.



Simon– A burger with cheddar cheese, bacon and a fried egg from Mel’s Burger Bar on the Upper West Side.


Melody– A banana cupcake with sea salt chocolate frosting from Butter Lane in the East Village HITs the spot.
Image Source


Jason– Baja Fish Tacos from The Grey Dog.


Image Source

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Take a look at ten of our favorite health and wellness moments of September 2016.


1. Everyone knows that post-workout protein is necessary for building a FHIT body, but what should you eat when you HIT it so hard that your muscles are not only stronger, but also oh-so-sore? The Cheat Sheet recommends these 6 foods that can soothe sore muscles.

2. New Yorkers will never (ever ever) break their coffee habit, but we have seen a big spike in popularity for matcha, the antioxidant-packed green tea. You’ll find the best matcha NYC has to offer on this list including lattes, cappuccinos and cookies!

3. Want to find your Zen while watching your favorite football team play? Now you can purchase a $1000 yoga mat made of the same leather as NFL footballs.

4. As much as we all love a good ol’ bag of chips or box of gluten-free crackers, we know they aren’t the healthiest snack option, nor will they keep us feeling alert throughout the workday. Chalkboard Magazine worked with a nutritionist to round up the 7 best healthy snacks for work.

5. Searching for the perfect protein powder? Follow this infographic for some guidance on which option will work best for you.

6. Dining out can often mean eating meals that are calorically dense but lacking in nutrition. Some chefs are fighting these standards and using their kitchens to serve up not only some of the tastiest, but also some of the healthiest dishes in restaurants.

7. New York City developers have taken note of just how much people are willing to spend on wellness. Read on to see which luxury residential buildings provide the most out-of-this-world health and wellness amenities.

8. Eat. Sleep. Get FHIT. Repeat. It’s easy to fall into the go-hard-or-go-home mindset, but recovery and renewal are just as important for living your FHITtest life. Read these ultra-athletes stories of staying motivated and avoiding burnout.

9. Check out the best ways to treat your body – inside and out – after a tough workout.

10. Apple released the latest version of the Apple Watch, and fitness is one of the gadget’s main focuses.

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We love to see how our FHIXers HIT it and #liveFHIT in their daily lives in and outside our studios! We will be sharing our favorite Instagram posts hashtagged #liveFHIT on our blog every month to create a FHITspirational collection!

Screen Shot 2016-09-28 at 4.14.02 PM

@MichellePark- 11 weeks ago, I took my first class @fhittingroom and couldn’t do a seated box jump or seated kettlebell rope pull (it was too heavy yo). Fast forward to tonight – I did countless seated box jumps & rope pulls with a 14 kg kettlebell. I’ll go even heavier next time, @fftstrong! I was def breathless, but it feels amazing to be able to finish class strong!

Screen Shot 2016-09-28 at 4.30.24 PM

@Ksaitowitz- Representing for the amazing @dangiordanodpt and @bespoketreatments today. So excited to prioritize recovery after way too many weeks of neglect. #recovery #bespoketreatment #liveFHIT 

Screen Shot 2016-09-28 at 4.33.30 PM

@fit_and_nutricious- The fitness industry in NYC is smaller than you would think. That’s why you can’t forget a great fitness instructor no matter where you go. For me,@erocfitness was the first @fhittingroom coach to truly kick my butt. Thanks for the amazing #NYCFitWeek class today with @emcookharris#FitForGood#NYCFitness #HIIT #FhitFhix #LiveFhit#CharityWorkout

Screen Shot 2016-09-28 at 4.42.34 PM

@DougLipsky- Kettlebell swings in the Serengeti? Of course.

Screen Shot 2016-09-28 at 4.44.21 PM

@chichililifenyc- {fitness + fundraising} the joining of these two amazing worlds literally make my heart so happy. it’s been an honor to serve as a#NYCFITWeek ambassador for @empoweredfitweek w @emcookharris ✖️ had a blast yesterday sweatin’ it out w these rockstars @fhittingroom. don’t worry you still have a chance to support @donorschoose + @shesthefirst over $10,000 raised to date.

Screen Shot 2016-09-28 at 4.50.01 PM

@DaraFayeTheo- Another @spartanrace in the books!! #killington was pretty awesome – LOTS of uphill – @jennawolfe is a great motivator so I owed her this leg up!! #bucketbrigade #logcarry #barbedwire #wallsandmorewalls #monkeybars #atlascarry #burpees #livefhit

Screen Shot 2016-09-28 at 4.52.25 PM

@shirelgz- Teamwork makes the dream work. Crushing a 60-minute endurance row and over 12k meters with my #mce @benwebejammin #livefhit #killingthegame #sweatAF #sundayfunday #fhitfam

Screen Shot 2016-09-28 at 4.54.00 PM

@Daria_Michele- Me up front on the drum! Lol We borrowed some of the Melville Maniacs paddlers bc we didn’t have enough girls…so they borrowed me to be their drummer! Tricky, important job… but their team captain rocked and helped me get the hang of it! #melvillemaniacs #dragonboatrace #dragonboatfestival #dragonboat #portjefferson #portjeffersonharbor #portjeffersondragonboatfestival #hopeforthewarriors #h4w #livefhit #getoutside

Screen Shot 2016-09-28 at 4.55.08 PM

@Kris_Siebert- #tbt to bumpin in Bermuda #babymoon #fitpregnancy #livefhit#halfway on Sunday

Screen Shot 2016-10-10 at 10.20.30 AM

@caseyrunsnyc when you see your family @ mile 26 & know you have a crazy PR in the bag 🏃🏻‍♀️🎉❤️🙌🏻 shattered my sub 4 goal with a 3:39 & apparently that qualifies for Chicago & London…who knew?! Looks like I may need to start planning a trip or two 😉 📸 by the spectacular Papa Harr🤗#steamtownmarathon #runhappy#beatyesterday #irunthisbody #livefhit#findyourstrong

Screen Shot 2016-10-10 at 12.59.01 PM

@jewlz_in_nyc @fftstrong and @babalos are the reason I have so much love for the NYC fitness community. Few people motivate me to be my very best both in and out of class quite like you guys do. Love y’all! 💚💚💚💚💚

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From FHITpro to Spartan Racer- Dara’s FHIT Journey

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FHITpro, Dara Theodore shares how doing an impromptu Spartan race ended up being one of the hardest things she has ever done and how getting her FHIX prepared her for it more than she thought possible.

Prior to July 17, 2016, my greatest physical challenge was giving birth. I won’t bore you with details of my birthing story (you’re welcome), nor will I be that mom who thinks that giving birth is the greatest accomplishment ever because while it is pretty awesome, there are plenty of non–mom women who conquer incredible feats of fortitude daily. But, I’m the author here, so I will say that for me, it was my greatest physical challenge before the aforementioned date.

The Wednesday before Sunday July 17, 2016, I received a text from my new friend Jenna Wolfe. Yes, that Jenna Wolfe, formerly of the Today Show and currently a frequent FHIXer herself. Jenna has taken my class several times, and we have bonded over many things – we are close in age, we share a passion for fitness, we are both mothers juggling work and child rearing. Jenna kinda blew me away during her first FHIX with me—she has an energy, drive and a competitive spirit that I felt when she was in my class. Jenna is a very generous person, loves to work hard and even more so loves to motivate those around her to work hard with her.

So while it wasn’t unusual for me to receive an occasional text from Jenna to check in about a class time or a workout, this text was most unexpected. “Hey Dara, how are you? I’m just going to cut to the chase here—I’m sure the answer will be no but I’m going to ask anyway. I’m running a Spartan Race this coming Sunday, July 17th. Steph [her wife] would normally run with me but she got called away on assignment [she’s an investigative reporter]. Would you ever consider running this race with me?”

Pre-Fhitting Room Dara would have immediately said, “I’m so sorry” followed by a bevy of excuses. Current day-Fhitting Room Dara wanted to say “I’m so sorry” followed by a bevy of excuses. Instead, I paused, thought about how we, as FHITpros, encourage our clients to push harder, step outside their comfort zone and embrace hard work. How could I say those words and not live them? So instead of a bevy of excuses, I texted back, “I’M IN!”

Ok, so it wasn’t THAT simple and direct – I had some small obstacles to overcome (how appropriate given it was an obstacle race I was signing up for) – convincing my husband it was a great idea and that he should watch the kids all day, convincing my mother that I wasn’t going to get hurt, convincing myself that I could actually do this and not embarrass myself in front of/disappoint Jenna who has run a couple of races before and is a stellar athlete.

Here’s the thing. I thought I was prepared for childbirth. I had 9 months (give or take) to read, study, obsess, talk to people and take a birthing class (it was my first kid, we all did that at the time). And of course nothing went as planned, so despite my best efforts at preparation, the actual experience of passing a human was completely unexpected, unanticipated and way out of my comfort zone.

And then there was Spartan. For the race, I had 4 days to prepare, and my work schedule is pretty packed from Wednesday (time of text) to Saturday (day before race). So aside from some mental prep, discussion and deliberation over what to wear taking into consideration the 90+ degree forecast and the obstacles involving barbed wire and ropes, I felt pretty unprepared to say the least. But I was doing it. 4:00 AM wake up and 2 hour drive included, I was doing this.

Yup, the race was on a Sunday and 2 hours away – oh, and did I mention we were signed up for the COMPETITIVE HEAT? Spartan Races are run in heats – Elite, Competitive and Open –designed to distinguish between those running for time, those for fun and also to keep a sort of even distribution of athletes so as not to bottleneck at the obstacles. The competitive heat started at 7:45am (Jenna told me I should thank her for NOT signing us up for the Elite heat). This meant leaving the city by 5am just to get there in time. Here’s my first shout out to Jenna – after years of being a morning anchor, 4 am wake ups are no big deal to her—to me, only 2 plus years into my career as a FHITpro, they are still a big deal. Needless to say, she drove the whole way.

We arrived with little time to spare, which was probably a good thing. Second shout out to Jenna – being JW comes with some well-earned perks, such as parking in the VIP lot and being greeted by the head of PR for Spartan who escorted us to the starting line. All the while I’m thinking, “are they all wondering who the heck is this average athlete running with Jenna?” I tried to look as fierce as possible while ignoring the flock of birds having a party in my stomach. Let me remind you that I had NO clue what was to come – short of a tiny bit of prep from Jenna as to an obstacle or 2 she had previously encountered, neither of us really had any idea what this race would hold.

Straight out of the gate was a 1-mile uphill jog/sprint/walk depending on who you are. Confession: I will attack any strength workout with gusto-I feel pretty comfortable in my weight lifting space. Stamina or endurance based workouts, not so much. I admire my marathon running friends because I’m in awe of their ability to sustain for that long. So as I walked (eventually we were all walking) straight up what seemed like a vertical wall, I was already thinking – what have I gotten myself into?? 90-degree heat, black diamond slope – it felt like my version of purgatory. But when I got to the top and Jenna said “turn around and look at what you just did”, I have to admit, I was starting to feel like a Spartan—and it was only obstacle 1.

I will extend the same courtesy I did above with respect to my birthing story and not go into detail about every single obstacle (though I certainly could!). Of the 24, I missed 4, which amounts to a penalty of 120 burpees. The fact that to me doing 120 burpees is no big thing isn’t the only testament to how much my experience/history at The Fhitting Room actually did prepare me to run this race. As I pressed myself over walls and climbed unstable ladders and crawled under barbed wire and traversed monkey bars I realized that every interval, every swing, every press, every push, pull and jump I’ve done as a client and instructor at TFR over the last 3 years…it was all the perfect preparation for this race. I climbed a rope. I climbed a rope! I haven’t climbed a rope since I weighed 50 lbs. in grade school. Thank you kettlebell weighted rope pulls. And thank you burpees. Who would have thought that there would come a day when I thought 120 burpees were no big thing!

But it wasn’t just the physical challenge of the race that The Fhitting Room prepared me for. I wasn’t quite aware of the mental fortitude we FHIXers (and I’m one of you) acquire through tough workouts like ours. That feeling we’ve all had during a FHIX when we just want to quit because we can’t imagine working for 2 more minutes – but we don’t quit because we’ve learned how to push ourselves past our perceived limits and work until the clock stops—that is the feeling I summoned when carrying a 65 pound bucket of rocks up a hill. You better believe I wanted to drop that bucket and just run for the finish, but I didn’t, because I’ve learned over time that my mind is a hell of a lot stronger than my muscles.


The race took me 2.5 hours. I wasn’t first but I certainly wasn’t last. But that doesn’t matter at all. What matters is that I accomplished something I never ever thought I would, and I have The Fhitting Room (and Jenna Wolfe) to thank for that. Jenna was the perfect racing partner- she lies well when she says I didn’t hold her back– but the truth is we were there for one another. And The Fhitting Room was the perfect preparation for Spartan. The race brings people together—we ran with first timers, old timers, competitive athletes and casual timers –but everyone is there to cheer each other on. As a mom of 2 in her 40s, I realize that anyone can do this, and I would encourage anyone to try. Just come take a class or 2 at The Fhitting Room with me first!

PS – I signed up for another race on September 18th.

Dara and Jenna recently did a Facebook Live of a workout they did to prepare for their Spartan Race this weekend, watch it here.

Want to share your FHIT story with us? HIT us up at!






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August was jam-packed with FHITspiration. From watching the world’s best athletes compete in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio to our very own FHITpros shutting down the streets of New York City with Nike, to HITting it at Southampton Sweat, we’ve gathered our ten favorite FHIT moments of the month.

1. The writers over at The Guardian layed out the highs and lows of Team USA’s performance in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. From Simone Biles’ signature move to Katie Ledecky’s 11+ second lead in the 800-meter freestyle and of course, Michael Phelps securing his 23rd Olympic gold medal, there is a lot of FHITspiration to take in.

2. Wondering how Olympic athletes train? Many of them HIT it, just like us! Next time you’re ready to quit with just thirty seconds left in a FHIX, remember you’re going for gold just like an Olympian!

3. Even in times of an oversaturated athleisure market, not everyone conforms to the classic Lululemon leggings and matching sweat-wicking performance top, and we like that! Fashion blogger Leandra Medine, aka: The Man Repeller, wrote up this cheeky column on What Your Gym Clothes Say About You.

4. FHITpros Dennys Lozada and Ben Wegman joined Nike and took over 51st Street for a sweaty Saturday morning workout. They led hundreds of FHIT New Yorkers through a hard HITting FHIX. See what it means to Dennys and Ben to live Unlimited in NYC. On the same morning, FHITpros Amanda Butler and Daury Dross were serving up a fierce FHIX at Southampton Sweat! Let’s just say it was a very sweaty Saturday.

5. New York City has a little something for everyone, but if you’re a health and wellness fanatic, then NYC has a lot for you. Check out Greatist’s list of The Healthiest Spots to Visit in NYC for everything from healthy eats to the city’s best fitness studios (ahem… The Fhitting Room).

6.We all want to maximize our time in the gym, and rightfully so! Just 20 minutes of high intensity training can do great things for your body and mind, so read these 10 Tips That Will Make Your HIIT Workouts Better to get as much out of your time and energy as possible.

7. “Exercising together is a good place to start to rebuild a connection and have fun together,” says couples’ counselor Kelley Kitley in this Refinery29 article touting that working out together could be better than couples’ therapy.

8. Avoiding sugar can be more difficult than it sounds. You can find it in practically any food at the grocery store. That didn’t stop this SELF Magazine editor from attempting to eliminate all added sugars from her diet for one week.

9. People often think that upping their veggie intake is only doable in the form of ‘boring’ salads or bland vegetable dishes that will leave you feeling hungry shortly after you’ve eaten them. Lucky for us, Well + Good shares 8 creative ways to swap out the bread and pasta in your meals for something healthier and still super satisfying.

10. For some of us, getting eight hours of sleep per night seems like a laughable and distant dream. We get it – you’re New Yorkers! You’ll sleep when you’re dead! Or whenever you can squeeze in a nap. According to this article from The Atlantic, “sleeping in spurts has the appeal of productivity, but inevitably you’ll collapse in your morning oatmeal.” Read on to see why napping cannot replace a full night’s rest.

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