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Julia Avery

Having grown up doing gymnastics, Julia loves staying active and bouncing around. Don’t be surprised if she spontaneously pops into a handstand! Born and raised in Houston, Texas, you may notice her southern roots come out when she drops a casual ‘y’all’ into conversation. Her experience with HIT and weight training began at the age of 15, when her career in organized sports came to an end and she was forced to find another way to stay in shape. After spending over 4 years working in investor relations and marketing, she left the corporate world to pursue her passion in fitness and to help others embrace a healthy lifestyle. When she’s not teaching classes, throwing around barbells or walking on her hands, she’s busy blogging about her workouts and latest experiments in the kitchen: Julia received her B.A. in Economics from Duke University.

Professional Certifications:

ISSA Personal Training Certification, CrossFit Level 1 and 2 Certificate Holder

21 Questions

1 First FHIX experience?

My first FHIX was with Eric and Ben. As soon as I walked into the room, Eric asked me if I could do handstand walks with him, and I immediately knew we would get along. Throughout the whole class, I couldn’t stop staring at Ben’s smile. I was impressed by their energy and that they knew everyone in class by name. It was also much harder than expected!

2 Personal theme song?

“Survivor” by Destiny’s Child. I like the reminder that what doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger.

3 Who is your FHITspiration?

My FHITspiration is my mom. She is a runner and has recently started doing weightlifting and functional fitness to help her become a better runner. She is competitive and works hard, yet modest about it at the same time. I can only hope to still be as FHIT as her when I am her age!

4 Favorite guilty pleasure?

Ice cream! Specifically Haagen Daz Chocolate Peanut butter or anything Ben and Jerry’s.

5 What is it about group fitness?

When you workout in a group, you push yourself harder than you would working out alone. But beyond being competitive, there is the support that a group provides. Everyone is working hard, but they also want to see everyone else do well. Everyone is going through the same type of pain, and no one is in it alone.

6 Post workout snack?

Protein powder mixed with water and some type of carb - banana, coconut water, etc. Then a full meal about an hour later.

7 What did you want to be when you were growing up?

Growing up, I wanted to be a singer. I still love belting out tunes when I’m alone.

8 Perfect Sunday afternoon activity?

Relaxing with a good book or watching a movie. It’s not often that I get to be alone, and I savor all of the quiet time I can get.

9 Most challenging exercise movement and why?

Pistols. These require a tremendous amount of flexibility. Most people have the strength to do them, but they do not have the ankle flexibility. Especially those who have every sprained or rolled their ankles, which is most of us. But once you get them down, they’re a fun and challenging bodyweight movement that you can do anywhere!

10 Best advice you ever received?

“Wherever you go, there you are.” Aka, you can’t outrun your problems. You must find happiness within yourself, and then you can be happy anywhere.

11 Food you can’t live without?

Eggs! I eat eggs every single day for breakfast. Usually with bacon!

12 Favorite sneaker brand?

Any kind of high top.

13 What is always in your fridge?

Half and half. I’m not much of a cook these days, with my crazy schedule. But I always have coffee!

14 Your biggest accomplishment?

My biggest accomplishment so far was having the guts to leave my “real job” and pursue a career in fitness. And it has had the biggest payoff so far.

15 Your favorite book?

Brain on Fire by Susannah Cahalan

16 Best vacation you have ever taken?

Studying abroad in Florence, Italy, and traveling all over Europe.

17 Favorite athlete?

Favorite athlete?

18 What is your favorite movie?

Mean Girls. It’s one of the only movies that I can actually quote.

19 Who you would love to meet and have dinner with?

Meryl Streep. Something about her is very comforting and I feel like she would have the answers to all of my questions about life.

20 Dive bar or bottle service?

Definitely dive bar. Especially if there is a jukebox!

21 The best time of the year in New York is…

The few weeks of fall we have. As much as I hate the cold, I do love to be cozy in sweatpants, hats and hoodies. And it’s not brutally hot on the subway platforms!

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