Kendall Janicola

Kendall fell in love with fitness early, as she danced and played sports growing up. When she decided to hang up here dancing shoes, she discovered weight training. Her passion for weight training eventually led to her becoming a personal trainer and teaching group fitness classes in NYC. After a few years at the University of Delaware, Kendall sought out several specialized training certification courses such as the  Functional Movement Screen and Pre/Post Natal Training. She’s now a highly credentialed trainer and a big believer in Jim Rohn’s quote, “You can have everything you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want out of life.” Kendall’s positive energy and genuine passion for helping people become stronger, both physically and mentally, are the driving forces behind her classes.

Professional Certifications:

NCSF (National Council on Strength & Fitness) Personal Training, Pre/Post Natal, FMS (Functional Movement Screen) Levels 1 & 2, TRX, and CrossFit Level 1

21 Questions

1 First FHIX experience?

I first took a class almost exactly two years ago with Daury. I remember being so impressed with the entire experience. It was a challenging workout, but also SO much fun!

2 Who is your FHITspiration?

I have never really felt impressed or inspired by the “instagram influencers”, but more so by my dad. He is 54 (don’t tell him I said that) and has done three, almost four, Ironman races which is a huge accomplishment in it of itself. He also runs his own company and takes care of my family while spending hours a day training. He continues to go after his goals which inspires me every day.

3 Personal theme song?

Anything Cardi B

4 Celebrity doppelganger?

I’ve been told Kate Hudson?

5 Favorite guilty pleasure?

Reality TV

6 What is it about group fitness?

I started my career as a personal trainer and as much as I loved it and still do, I wanted more. More energy, fun, community and the ability to help more people. Group fitness gave me the platform for all of those things.

7 Post workout snack?

I usually have an apple or RX Bar in my backpack for after workouts.

8 What is your sign? Do you read your horoscope?

Virgo. I don’t read my horoscope because usually it seems like it could be applied to anyone. I would also rather just let things unfold instead of trying to predict the future.

9 What did you want to be when you were growing up?

I never really thought about it until I was in high school and I took psychology. I loved it (mostly because of my teacher) and I decided after that, I wanted to help people in whatever way I can.

10 Perfect Sunday afternoon activity?

A perfect Sunday is hanging out with my puppy or just relaxing to get ready for the next week.

11 Best advice you ever received?

You’re capable of achieving anything you want in life if you’re willing to work for it.

12 Most challenging exercise movement and why?

The Assault Bike. My lungs do not support this exercise.

13 Food you can’t live without?

French Fries or really potatoes in any form.

14 Your biggest accomplishment?

I left college early and moved to NYC at 22 to pursue a career in fitness. It took a lot of confidence and belief in myself to go against the grain and follow my dreams, but I’m proud of that and encourage others to do it too.

15 Favorite sneaker brand?


16 Best vacation you have ever taken?

My family vacation to Italy for two weeks was incredible. We traveled to four different parts of Sicily and got to really appreciate the culture and what a beautiful country it is.

17 Favorite athlete?

I don’t have one favorite athlete honestly. There are a bunch of women that compete in the CrossFit Games that are using their platforms to empower women to be strong and confident which I love. Some of them are Brooke Ence, Katrin Davidsdottir and Annie Thorisdottir.

18 What is your favorite movie?

Shawshank Redemption or Bridesmaids

19 Who you would love to meet and have dinner with?

Gary Vaynerchuk or Ellen

20 Favorite restaurant in the city?

There’s too many to pick just one! I guess I go to (Seamless) Bareburger the most.

21 Best gift you have ever received?

I’ve been given presents that I really wanted at the time, but better than anything physical I’ve ever received, my best gift is having two parents that fully support and encourage me to do what I love no matter what. It has built the foundation for my entire life.