Lacee Lazoff

Lacee believes building sweat equity is one of the most important investments made in one’s life. Her mission is to inspire, while coaching others towards achieving strength of body, character and personal health habits that last a lifetime.

Lacee brings a love of the outdoors and a west coast spirit to her adopted home of New York City. As a native of the beautiful state of Oregon, Lacee grew up with outdoor athletics in her blood. She spent her younger years running, biking, hiking, surfing, snowboarding and carving up sheets of ice as a figure skater. These activities eventually led her to a weight room in high school, a yoga studio in college and a 10-year-career with an athletic apparel giant thereafter where she developed markets and teams in the United States and Europe.

A career transition and the realization that she couldn’t ignore her dreams of helping others achieve their fitness goals inspired Lacee to build her own personal training business from the ground up. This eventually led to programming and teaching HIT classes for small groups and corporate clients. Lacee is obsessed with kettlebells and is a Strong First Level 1 certified instructor. She lives by the motto that a solid kettlebell swing can save lives and backsides.

When she’s not sweating with friends in HIT classes or yoga, you can find Lacee watching NBA basketball (Portland Trailblazers for life), throwing around heavy kettlebells and frequenting NYC’s best coffee shops.

Professional Certifications:

NASM Certified Personal Trainer, StrongFirst Level 1 Certified Instructor, StrongFirst Level 1 Assistant

21 Questions

1 First FHIX experience?

It was at the original UES studio a few years ago, and all I remember is Daury sitting on my lap during a wall sit. I was simultaneously thinking: what the heck is going on and I can’t wait to come back; this place is amazing.

2 Who is your FHITspiration?

My best friend Missy, she’s a fellow trainer. She inspired me to make my dream of becoming a trainer a reality. She goes after her goals, doesn’t look back and is the strongest mother of a two-year-old I have ever met. We’re kettlebell-swinging sisters for life.

3 Personal theme song?

Respect, by Aretha Franklin. Just put Aretha on repeat...

4 Favorite guilty pleasure?

A nice bottle of Oregon Pinot Noir and early morning cabs to clients in the city.

5 What is it about group fitness?

I love creating experiences for others and find that group classes are the perfect way to blend my passion for fitness, community and connection. I’m also obsessed with making playlists, so that’s an added bonus.

6 Celebrity doppelganger?

Sarah Jessica Parker circa Sex and the City Season 2 (it’s the hair).

7 Post workout snack?

Avocado or raw cashews. I carry them around in my backpack on the daily. I’ll probably be eating an avocado straight from the shell next time you see me.

8 What is your sign? Do you read your horoscope?

I’m a Sagittarius through and through. This is slightly embarrassing: I have an astrologer for important moments and only read my horoscope in gossip magazines at nail salons.

9 What did you want to be when you were growing up?

Owner of a NBA franchise. An entrepreneur. A writer/journalist.

10 Perfect Sunday afternoon activity?

Wandering around the city with coffee and good company.

11 Best advice you ever received?

Work hard; be brave. Usually doing one or both of those things creates great outcomes.

12 Food you can’t live without?

Popcorn drizzled with Cholula hot sauce, olive oil and sea salt. All day, every day, it’s a problem.

13 Favorite sneaker brand?

Chucks on with Saint Laurent for life. For the gym I mostly wear Nike.

14 What is always in your fridge?

A giant bouquet of kale and at least three different types of hot sauce.

15 Your biggest accomplishment?

Carving out a life I love in NYC after moving here with two bags and only two friends almost seven years ago.

16 Celebrity you would love to train and why?

The Timberlakes. Justin and Jessica are a package deal because couples that sweat together are the best.

17 Favorite book?

Tiny Beautiful Things: Advice on Life and Love from Dear Sugar by Cheryl Strayed

18 Favorite athlete?

Forever and always, Michael Jordan.

19 Who would you love to meet and have dinner with?

Bono, Joe Rogan and Shaq at the same table.

20 Favorite type of food?

Mexican food from the West Coast!

21 What is your favorite movie?

Jurassic Park

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