#goFHIX Hamptons Workout

Even during one of our favorite days of the year (our annual FHITbbq!), our FHITfam put together a total body HIIT workout that you can do anywhere with a friend.


Partner 1: Exercise A

Partner 2: Exercise B


Repeat 2x

:30 work/ :10 rest

A) Flutter Kicks

B) Squat Hold

A) Burpees

B) Sit Ups

A) Shoulder Taps

B) Jumping Lunges


#goFHIX workout with Ben Wegman

FHITpro Ben Wegman put together this hurdle inspired #goFHIX workout that you can do anywhere, even if you don’t have a hurdle to burpee, shuffle or reach over.

Lateral Burpee Tuck Jump 30 seconds

Hurdle Plank Walks 45 seconds

Hurdle High Knees 30 seconds

Side Plank Reach Throughs 45 seconds

Repeat entire circuit 3x

#goFHIX Workout with Amanda – Mother’s Day Edition

FHITmama-to-be Amanda Butler is gearing up to celebrate her first Mother’s Day! Our FHITpro put together this #goFHIX workout for expecting mothers, and anyone else looking for a quick sweat. HIT up our site for full workout details. #LIVEFHIT

Alternating Box Step-Ups – 45 seconds

Tricep Dips – 30 seconds

Plank-Ups – 45 seconds

Skaters – 30 seconds

Perform each exercise 3x. Rest 30-60 seconds between rounds.

#goFHIX Workout with Eric

Our El Capitan’s birthday is Friday, and what better way to celebrate than with a kettlebell workout!? Join in on Eric’s birthday fun by cranking up your favorite salsa music and HITting this #goFHIX for a few rounds. #liveFHIT

Alternating Dead Clean to Side Press
Flutter Kicks
Goblet Clean to Squat Thrust
Deck Squats

#goFHIX Workout with Melody

It’s getting hotter and so are we! We’ve upped the ante on our #goFHIX videos. In addition to an updated look, expect to see workouts that HIT it harder, featuring compound movements, equipment and more! Check out the newest #goFHIX by FHITpro Melody. #liveFHIT

#goFHIX Workout with Mat

Whether you stayed in during snowstorm Stella or chose to brave the elements, we bet your muscles are feeling this Arctic chill! Warm up and then some with this #goFHIX workout by FHITpro Mat Forzaglia.

Reverse Lunge to Hop (R) – 30 seconds
Reverse Lunge to Hop (L) – 30 seconds
Triceps Extension to Push-up – 45 seconds
Lateral High Knees – 30 seconds
Extended Plank Walk-outs – 45 seconds
Rest – 1 minute

Repeat for 3-5 rounds