Get Your FHIX

#goFHIX Workout with Mark

HAPPY (early) BIRTHDAY to FHITpro Mark Ribeiro!! Even though his favorite workouts may involve swinging on the jungle gym like Tarzan while simultaneously tossing 20kg kettlebells from hand to hand – he put together this no-equipment-needed #goFHIX so you can HIT it with him on his birthday.

Inchworm with Pike Shoulder Taps – 60 seconds
Rolling Squats – 45 seconds
Plyo Push-ups – 30 seconds
Rest – 30 seconds

Repeat for 3-5 rounds.


#goFHIX Workout with Jess

Our #WCW goes out to one of our newest FHITpros – Jess Sims! This badass babe is here with this week’s #goFHIX. These four moves work your entire body to keep you feeling FHIT on days you don’t have 50 minutes to devote to a FHIX.

Perform each movement for 45 seconds, resting for 15 seconds between exercises. Repeat twice for a total of three rounds.

Squat with Toe Taps
Blastoff Push-ups
Plank Hip Dips
Half Burpees


#goFHIX Workout with Ben

It’s the third week of 2017 – have YOU kept your resolutions to stay active? FHITpro Ben Wegman is here with this week’s #goFHIX workout to keep you in check. These four bodyweight exercises will make you stronger and more mobile and can be done at nearly any time and any place.

Perform each exercise for 45 seconds, resting for 15 seconds between movements. Repeat twice for a total of three rounds.

Frogger to Breakdancer
V-up with Tuck-up Hold
Lateral Lunge to Curtsy Lunge
Walking Lunges with Squat Jump


#goFHIX Workout – Nike Training


The Fhitting Room x Nike Training takeover begins tomorrow at our Flatiron location. Our FHITpros received exclusive early access to the new Nike Metcon DSX Flyknit. Check out this week’s #goFHIX to see our FHITpros get their FHIX in brand new kicks, then pop into class for an opportunity to experience the newest innovation from Nike Training.

Perform the following for five rounds.
Squats with Alternating Knee Raise – 30 seconds
Push-up to Side Plank – 60 seconds
Hollow Hold with Alternating Knee Tuck – 30 seconds



#goFHIX Workout with Lacee

A New Year means new faces! Our newest FHITpro Lacee Lazoff (AKA: Major Lazer) is here with the first #goFHIX of 2017. If you’ve got a goal of sweating it out every day, use this #goFHIX at home when you’re short on time or stuck with no equipment. Try five rounds and we promise you’ll feel the burn.

Perform each movement for 45 seconds each on a running clock. Rest 30 seconds between each round. Aim to complete 5 rounds.

Touchdown Jacks
Narrow Grip Push-up to Wide Grip Push-up
Plank with Crossing Toe Touches
Burpee Broad Jumps


365 Days of FHIT- 2016

Some of our FHIT highlights from the year.