#goFHIX – Survival of the FHITTEST Edition


The second annual Survival of the FHITTEST Challenge celebrating Fhitting Room’s anniversary is just around the corner. We’ve been swinging, rowing and of course, burpee-ing our hearts out for 4 years! All our FHITpros, from the OGs to the newbies, put together this week’s #goFHIX to give you a preview of the moves our competitors will be performing. Good luck to everyone HITting it!

30 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest for 4 rounds.

1. Ab Mat Sit-ups
2. Kettlebell Swings
3. Box Jumps
4. Row


#goFHIX Workout with Daury

Everyone’s favorite tatted and successful teddy bear of a trainer, FHITpro Daury Dross, is here with this week’s #goFHIX. Set aside a bit of time to HIT this and #OHGAWWWWWD, you’ll be feeling so strong.

Perform each exercise for 45 seconds, resting for 15 seconds between movements. Repeat twice for a total of three rounds.

Single Leg Wall Sit
Push-up to Plank-up
Stationary Split Jumps


#goFHIX Workout with Dara and Mat

Valentine’s Day might be over, but we’ll never stop loving Mat and Dara! We picked one of our favorite FHIT duos for this Valentine’s Day themed #goFHIX. Form a lasting sweat-bond with a friend or lover and HIT this workout! All you’ll need is each other.

Work through 4 rounds and switch up partner roles each round.

14 Partner Pistols (7 per side)
14 Partner Plank and High Knees (7 times each direction)
14 Partner Wheelbarrow Push-ups and Squats
14 Rolling Jump Squats


#goFHIX Workout with Chelsea

It’s unbelievably warm out today, so there’s no better time for a debut #goFHIX from our SIZZLIN’ new FHITpro, Chelsea! If you’re too busy walking around in shorts to get your FHIX, you can HIT IT at home with this bodyweight-only workout. Look out for Chelsea! She will be subbing often until her full-fledged schedule premieres with the opening of our UWS studio (coming soon!).

Perform 3-5 rounds of the following:

Blast-off Froggers – 60 seconds
Side Plank with Reach Unders – 45 seconds
Skaters – 30 seconds
Rest – 30 seconds


#goFHIX Workout with Mark

HAPPY (early) BIRTHDAY to FHITpro Mark Ribeiro!! Even though his favorite workouts may involve swinging on the jungle gym like Tarzan while simultaneously tossing 20kg kettlebells from hand to hand – he put together this no-equipment-needed #goFHIX so you can HIT it with him on his birthday.

Inchworm with Pike Shoulder Taps – 60 seconds
Rolling Squats – 45 seconds
Plyo Push-ups – 30 seconds
Rest – 30 seconds

Repeat for 3-5 rounds.


#goFHIX Workout with Jess

Our #WCW goes out to one of our newest FHITpros – Jess Sims! This badass babe is here with this week’s #goFHIX. These four moves work your entire body to keep you feeling FHIT on days you don’t have 50 minutes to devote to a FHIX.

Perform each movement for 45 seconds, resting for 15 seconds between exercises. Repeat twice for a total of three rounds.

Squat with Toe Taps
Blastoff Push-ups
Plank Hip Dips
Half Burpees